Rotary Hammer || DX - 3126

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Rotary Hammer is one of the most powerful types of electric tools used to demolish and shave concrete and semi-hardened minerals. Rotary Hammer, in addition use to drilling and punching (hammering) or destruction

• Use resin in armature to prevent damage
• Trigger key (rotary). Swivel and swivel (and half-clutch mode)
• Equipped with speed control key (gas)
• Chassis with rotating direction
• Equipped with anti-dust key
• Use a spherical cable to make it work better
• Equipped with the SDS Plus toolkit
• Equipped with lock key for long term work
• Suitable design and light weight for easy industrial use
• Includes a 360 ° rotary rubber handle
• It has three drill bits and two flat and sharp pointed pens
• Has a shock resistant BMC
• 4 meters cable according to German VDE quality

Rotary Hammer Technical Features, DX-3126
Power: 800 W
Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage: 220 V
Impact energy: 3 J
Impact time:0 - 4000 BPM
Steel:13 mm
Wood: 30 mm
Concrete: 26 mm
Masonry: 68 mm
No - Load Speed: 0 - 1100 RPM
Weight: 2.7 kg
Cable: 4m

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