16kg Demolition hammer DX-3416

  • All industrial, all copper 900 W armature and stator with resin coating for more strength
  • Includes a flat and a pointed chisel with grease
  • Equipped with a Hex tool holder
  • Equipped with anti-wear O-rings
  • Unique body design with heat sink capability for cooling the motor and metal components
  • Equipped with an anti-vibration system and a motor cooling system
  • Includes a 3-meter cable which conforms to the German VDE standard with a cable protecting ball joint

16kg Demolition hammer – Description


Is 1800 W power and 50 J impact energy, enough for your demolition operations? These numbers go along with a 16 kg weight and maximum 1400 BPM. If you are looking for these specifications and also a heavy BMC box with strong wheels for easy movement in the work environment, we offer you the 16kg Demolition hammer.

Other Features

As we mentioned above, it is a heavy weight tool, complete balance between all the components is the because of the casting magnesium, alloy casing. The impact energy in the hammer mechanism transfers from the powerful 1800 W motor to an industrial gearbox which enables it to do more deep demolitions with less impacts and this means more efficiency. 

It is clear that the 1800W Demolition hammer is a single function tool. The ultimate performance and the powerful motor effectively balance with the weight. This power tool is one of our popular demolition tools.

16kg Demolition hammer – Detailed Description


Below we have mentioned some of the specifications of DX-3416.


For maximum performance, a 16kg demolition hammer with a powerful motor is required. To be able to work in any operation, the powerful motor in this electric tool can produce an 1800 W power and 50 J impact energy. This power comes from the industrial armature and stator which are produced by advanced machines that conform to the European CE standard and transfer to a demolition hammer piston and a gearbox made of magnesium. So, this amazing impact rate can be perfect. 

16kg Demolition hammer Gearbox

Where do you think the 1400 BPM comes from? In a demolition tool like Danlex, only a powerful gearbox can do such heavy-duty job operations. The gears are designed to reduce the friction and heat in  the 16kg demolition hammer. This gearbox is made of magnesium alloy which is specifically for transferring a real 50 J impact energy for more demolition works. 

16kg Demolition hammer Ball bearing

The NSK dust-proof ball bearings and the O-rings are designed to resist temperature rise and have a complete effect in the inner parts of the motor.


Here are some of the features of the 1800W Demolition hammer.

Body and Casing

Because of the 16 kg weight and 1800 W power the power tool needs a strong body made of a special alloy. On the other hand, this alloy shouldn’t put a lot of weight on the 1800W Demolition hammer. So, the die cast magnesium alloy makes the 16kg demolition hammer a light device with a strong body.

Ergonomic design and auxiliary handle

The oil 16kg demolition hammer with an ergonomic design is an amazing demolition monster. Its soft grip also reduces fatigue while working for long hours. Danlex always thinks beyond body strength to make a big change. 

16kg Demolition hammer Dust-proof trigger

One of the undeniable features of the devices produced in Danlex is the dust-proof trigger which prevents dust from entering a 16kg demolition hammer in dusty environments. 

16kg Demolition hammer Lock-on pin

The 16kg demolition hammer has a job and it is demolition. It is a single function power tool which is designed for demolition so the keys are not too complicated. But the wonderful thing about the 1800W demolition hammer is the Lock-on function which protects the armature in long hour work. 

16kg Demolition hammer Accessories 

The 16kg demolition hammer comes with a metal BMC box, a pointed chisel, a flat chisel, grease and an auxiliary handle

HEX Demolition Hammer – Technical Data








Impact energy

50 Joule

Impact rate

1400 BPM



Cable Length

a flat chisel, a metal BMC box, a point chisel, An auxiliary handle, Grease


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