SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill DX-3232

  • A 1500 W all-copper industrial armature and stator with resin coating
  • 3 function: Drilling, Hammer Drilling, Hammer only (and Chisel position adjustment)
  • Speed control trigger and dust-proof switch
  • SDS-plus tool chuck 
  • Lock- on system for long hour applications 
  • 360 rotary Plastic handle
  • Equipped with anti-vibration system and air vents

SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill – Description


The SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill is a revolutionary product in the demolition industry. Its three functions include: Drilling, Hammer Drilling, Hammer only (and Chisel position adjustment).

Other Features

It seems that this superhero is essential in every industry, so considering its no-load speed which is 850PRM and a max impact rate of 4100BPm, you can finish incomplete works. If time and energy are important for you, it is the best corded tool.

Corded Rotary Hammer Drill – Detailed Description


Here is a brief description of the DX-3232 model. 


The SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill is the result of a powerful 1500 W motor with 3 specific operation modes: Drilling, Hammer Drilling, Hammer only (and Chisel position adjustment). The maximum 850PRM speed and maximum 4100 BPM impact rate has turned it into a wonderful demolition tool. The fully industrial copper armature and stator have resin coating which makes them strong and extends their life. This power tool is produced in accordance with European CE standard and technology. Also, the anti-wear gears increase the life of the device. 

SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill Cylinder

The SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill with 5J impact energy is the best choice for those who are looking for a quick and powerful electric tool. The high-quality cylinder and piston make it resistant against corrosion and friction. With a powerful motor and quick impacts, considering its brilliant design, the least noise is produced and the least damage is done to the device. The DX-3232 motor is a real monster.

Torque clutch

The overload safety clutch system guarantees the safety of users and armature. The simple performance in difficult tasks is one of the wonders of this 5kg rotary hammer. 

SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill Mechanism 

This 3-functions rotary hammer really deserves praise. After plugging it, select one of the modes with the modes selection knob and then push the on/off button. Don’t forget that this rotary hammer includes a speed control system to have a soft start. Its electronic constant speed drive makes it very easy to use in various functions.


The SDS plus tool chuck is one of the reasons that has turned this rotary hammer into a powerful electric tool which can be used everywhere. You can use it to do drillings in wood up to 40 mm, metal up to 13 mm and concrete up to 28 mm. 


And here are some of the other features of the corded rotary hammer

SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill Body 

You can’t feel its 5kg body weight because it is made of aluminum. This material also provides excellent strength and heat dissipation. The SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill also includes air vents which extends its life. A powerful motor requires a double layer anti-vibration system which is installed between handle and gearbox and minimizes the operator’s fatigue and improves efficiency. 

Auxiliary handle 

The auxiliary handle reduces fatigue and the long hours of working wouldn’t be a problem. The 360° auxiliary Danlex-design handle makes movement with the tool very easier. Safety is as important to us as comfort so we have installed a power indicator light to alert you in case the cable is damaged.  

Dust-proof trigger

The dust-proof trigger enables the user to work in any environment without the fear of dust penetrating into the SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill.

3-function dimmer 

The SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill is equipped with an electronic dimmer to control the speed and performance of the device in drilling and demolition applications.

On/Off indicator

An ON/OFF light indicator is installed on the 3-function rotary hammer which helps the operator to maintain the device for a long time.  

SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill Cable

The 3- meter cable allows a better performance and the cable protecting ball joint allows freedom in movement when working. The Danlex cables conform to German VDE standard. 

Package content

The SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill with BMC box includes a pair of brushes, an auxiliary handle with Danlex design, 3 drill bits, 2 SDS-Plus flat and pointed chisels, and a depth gauge for accurate drilling.

SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill – Technical data










Chuck capacity


Drilling capacity in wood


Drilling capacity in steel


Drilling capacity in concrete


Impact rate

0 – 4100 BPM

Impact energy

5 Joule

No-load speed

0 – 850 RPM




2 SDS-Plus scaling and bull point chisel and a ruler gauge, 3 drill bits, a pair of spare brushes, An auxiliary handle


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