22″ Chainsaw DX-8145

  • U&C ball bearing for higher lifespan and longer operation of the device in consecutive applications
  • Walbro Japan-made carburetor to improve fueling performance to the motor
  • American CHAMPION candle for an easy and quick motor start
  • American Oregon guide bar
  • Taiwan NAK oil washer
  • Equipped with an auto stop system and safety Brake

22″ Chainsaw – Description


The 55cc motor with 2300 W power in 22″ chainsaw has incredible performance. 

Other Features

The 22″ chainsaw gasoline has a 45 cm cut capacity that makes it a powerful device. The maximum 12000 no-load speed, American Oregon guide bar and chain, and Walbro Japan-made carburetor are some of the features of this power tool. The chemical energy in gasoline converts to mechanical energy and turns trees into logs. It is suitable for all kinds of gardens, camping, parks, farms, highways, large pastures, landscaping, tree, etc, which is the best choice for a time saver.

22″ Chainsaw – Detailed Description


Here are some of the DX-8145 model specifications.

Motor and mechanism

With the movement of the piston towards the inside and outside of the cylinder, it pulls the connecting rod to rotate the shaft. All you need to know is how to use the 22″ chainsaw. The powerful motor, the creative design, and the high-quality components take care of the other works. Power, precision, value, and originality are features that Danlex provides. 

Clutch system 

The newly designed clutch system provides better performance for connecting the shaft to gears. When you turn on the motor, the 22″ chainsaw is in slow mode and the speed range reaches up to 4000 RPM. As soon as the clutch is engaged the maximum speed reaches 12000 RPM. The combination of a start button and the ignition system introduces a new smart start system that needs less effort to begin to work and this means power and quality. 


As mentioned before, the 22″ chainsaw is equipped with the best Japanese carburetor that leads to more lifespan and better performance. This carburetor is a diaphragm type and they are mainly used in devices like chainsaws that can work at different angles. 


The fuel provides all the energy you need to work with a gasoline 22″ chainsaw. The moves through the Japanese Walbro carburetor to integrate with air. The combination of air and fuel enters the cylinder. Inside the cylinder, the mixture of air and fuel (with oil in the ratio of 1:40) is ignited by a candle to burn and release its energy.

Lubrication system

It is a special exhaust system that is designed to reduce fuel consumption and minimize gasoline waste. The result of this system is 3 to 1 fuel consumption at maximum power, which our engineers have tried to reduce as much as possible. The automatic lubrication system decreases the friction between the rod and chain and makes cutting easier and more comfortable. A mechanical piston pump is placed in the chainsaw as an oil-feeding system.

22″ Chainsaw Body

The comfort and safety of the body are the main factors that in Danlex we pay attention to. To reduce vibration, spring and rubber are used to connect the body to the motor. It makes performance easier and decreases fatigue during long hours of work. 


Some of the features of the 22″ chainsaw gasoline are mentioned below. 

Safety brake 

The biggest danger comes from a problem called “kickback” when the chain is stuck but the motor continues to work. The safety clutch is placed in front of the front handle and reduces danger during application.

Chain and a guide to making it work better

Danlex has used Oregan, America’s top brand, for its chain. The important thing is the amount of maintenance required for the 22″ chainsaw. Dust can be mixed with the lubrication oil and it may be stuck so it must be taken care of regularly.

22″ Chainsaw Accessories 

The 22″ chainsaw is offered with a chain, a screwdriver, a gasoline container, an Allen wrench (hex key), a canvas bag, and manuals.

22″ Chainsaw – Technical data






Fuel tank capacity

55 Liters

Oil tank capacity

26 Liters

Fuel mixture ratio


Engine displacement

55 cc

No-load speed

12000 RPM

Chain Length

45 cm

Bar Length

18, 20, 22 Inch

Blade Thickness

28 mm




a canvas bag and manuals, a chain, a gasoline container, a screwdriver, an allen wrench (hex key)


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