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About after-sales service

After-sales service is vital today. If the after-sales service is done correctly, it will lead to customer satisfaction.

After the product is delivered to the customer, the after-sales service department is responsible for providing technical services to achieve customer satisfaction.

Danlex knows that after-sales service leads to loyalty and repeat purchases, but the services provided must be in line with customer expectations.

Danlex Services

The company’s services include the following:

  • Pre-sale support and service to Danlex sales representatives
  • Monitoring and support of Denlex service representatives
  • Customer services during the warranty period
  • Contacting Danlex customers

Pre-sale support and service to Danlex sales representatives

In case of failure of the device that has not yet reached the customer and is in the seller’s store, Denlex has defined pre-sales warranty service to the agent to provide warranty service to the seller within this period according to the determined criteria.

Monitoring and support of Danlex service representatives

  1. Timely delivery of appropriate parts to the representative’s request
  2. Preparation of performance statistics report concerning the method of service, part consumption, duration of service, and sending to the representative so that the representative feels that all the performance of the store is checked in the head office.
  3. Schedule periodic visits to the offices of representatives

Contacting Danlex customers

Contact Us department is one of the subdivisions of the Danlex services department. The personnel of this department contact the customer after the initial sale and even after the device’s service during the warranty and non-warranty period and ask questions about the customer’s satisfaction with the machine’s work. The results of these surveys lead to better quality and performance of Danlex products.

Objectives of Danlex after-sales service department

  • Providing the best services to customers at the highest quality levels
  • Peace of mind combined with quick and easy access to customers to authorized Danlex service.
  • Transparency and honesty in providing services and support for Danlex products for customer satisfaction
  • Periodic repairs and inspections of devices at no cost during the warranty period, with the lowest cost after the end of the warranty
  • Supply of spare parts in the shortest possible time during the warranty period and after-sales service, good behavior with the customer, and observing the principle of customer orientation

The last word

We are providing after-sales service and helping customers in order to prepare for the desired work and utilize the product as much as possible while providing spare parts quickly and on time.

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