Electric Angle Grinder DX-2328

  • Dust-proof ball bearing
  • Equipped with a spindle-lock for easy disc changing and safety mechanism
  • Soft start switch to guarantee the safety
  • Easy and fast brush change mechanism
  • Equipped with a 4 m cable which follows the German VDE standard

Electric Angle Grinder – Description


No one can deny the capabilities of the Danlex electric angle grinder. The powerful 2800 W motor rotates 8500 RPM in no-load speed mode. The disc diameter is 180 mm and ergonomic features have made it popular among the users. The only thing you should do is to plug it and press the dust-proof switch to turn it on. 

Other Features

The advanced cooling system protects the motor. The ergonomic features that have made working easy include auxiliary handle, disc guard and spindle-lock system. The dust-proof switch prevents dust penetration, so the 6 kg angle grinder is suitable for industrial and semi-industrial applications. 

The 180 mm angle grinder with 8500 RPM no-load speed can turn metal cutting into a great experience.

Electric Angle Grinder – Detailed Description


The DX-2328 model includes some specifications which are below here.


The electric angle grinder is a professional, heavy motor with an industrial 2800 W rotor and stator which is produced by European CE standard. 

Ball bearings 

The ball bearings installed in the gearbox are dust-proof which increase the useful lifespan of the motor. 

Electric Angle Grinder Grease 

The calcium sulfonate grease used in the gears helps the smooth working of the motor and due to its high-quality increases the electric angle grinder’s lifespan. 


The graphite brush of this electric angle grinder is a high-efficiency brush which helps the long lifespan of the motor. 

The cooling system 

The advanced cooling system of the electric angle grinder brings in the external air and circulates it to cool the motor so as a result, the user can work for long hours without worry and it prevents the motor from getting hot and burning. 


Here are some of the features of the electric angle grinder.

Body and casing 

The 6 kg body of the electric angle grinder along with the high-quality components are produced by product creation engineers of Danlex. The ergonomic design of the body offers comfort and decreases fatigue while working. 

Auxiliary handle 

The auxiliary handle which comes along with the device is used for more control of the device by operator and prevents fatigue. 

Soft start switch 

One of the other positive sides of this device is the soft start switch which leads to a positive work experience. This switch is placed on the main handle of the device and due to its dust-proof feature, it prevents dust from entering the device and increases the life of the device. This feature is a highly-useful one in industrial and construction environments. 

Guard or wheel guard 

When you open the box, you’ll find a disc guard which will increase the operator’s safety while working and protects the user from sparks and debris during grinding as well as from broken fragments if the grinding wheel fails. 

Electric Angle Grinder Cable 

The 4-meter cable is for better maneuverability that follows the German VDE standard. 


The box includes an auxiliary handle, a pair of brushes and a wrench. 

Electric Angle Grinder – Technical data








Disc diameter


No-load speed

8500 RPM



Cable Length



a pair of brushes, a wrench, An auxiliary handle

3 reviews for Angle Grinder 180mm 2800W DX-2328

  1. Rafael

    It is a beast angle grinder. You have to take it in your hand to know what I mean.

  2. Richard Walling

    It is not a lightweight tool. I used it to cut stones and I am amazed.

  3. Tyler Arina

    You have to buy this model and you will not regret it.

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