Small Angle Grinder 115mm DX-2110

  • 1000 W industrial and all copper armature and stator
  • Epoxy resin coating on the armature and stator 
  • Anti-wear gears in gearbox part
  • High-quality grease to improve metal components performance
  • Dust-proof ball bearings
  • Motor cooling system 
  • Equipped with a filter to prevent dust penetration 
  • Equipped with a spindle-lock
  • Equipped with a lock-switch in prolonged cuttings
  • An auxiliary handle with rubber coating
  • Equipped with an easy brush change system
  • Equipped with a guard for user safety
  • Ergonomic design of the body for more comfort while working
  • Easy and fast disc change mechanism
  • Equipped with a strong 4 m cable that follows German VDE standard

Small Angle Grinder 115mm – Description


Anyone who uses a small angle grinder or needs to buy it knows that a heavy 1000 W motor and 11000 RPM no-load speed which only weighs 2.2 kg, is a suitable combination for a better and efficient performance. 

Other Features

The 1000 W mini grinder with the maximum 115 mm disc diameter is in the electric tool category which is equipped with special and user-friendly features. These features include auxiliary handle, ergonomic body, wheel guard with easy plugging and cooling system. 

This mini angle grinder can turn into a suitable choice for your daily needs. This choice includes power, ergonomic body, high-quality and durability. All these features are gathered in one place. You can trust us and choose without any worry. It is a versatile electric tool which may be used to cut pipes, repair damaged caps, tile cutting, etc.

Small Angle Grinder 115mm – Detailed Description


The DX-2110 model specifications are described here. 

Motor and Gearbox 

The important thing we should mention here is the 1000 w heavy motor with high-efficiency which offers a 11000 RPM no-load speed. It is industrially designed inside the body to provide the expected power transferred to the disc. This powerful motor creates this huge amount of energy by working with its high-quality parts.

To maximize durability and performance, the small angle grinder with gears, spindle-lock and built-in dust-proof ball bearings are produced by the best materials and alloys. Also, all copper windings with high-quality epoxy coating prevent dust and debris penetration into motor winding ang guarantees motor lifespan. 

The cooling system 

When you are working with a tool for long hours, sometimes the body heats up and it might worry you. We pay attention to every detail in a small angle grinder. This problem is solved by installing a simple and efficient fan that directs the airflow to cool the motor, especially for heavy and continuous industrial use. To complete the cooling system, the motor casing is designed to direct the airflow inside the motor and cool it in a short time. 


The small angle grinder includes some features which we describe here. 

Small Angle Grinder Body

The small angle grinder, like all the Danlex tools, has an ergonomic design. The short neck tool is a lightweight mini grinder which makes prolonged operations easy and possible. The diecast aluminum casing in the spindle part helps the heat dissipation and guarantees strength. Make sure to not close the rear air vents to have a better performance while working.

Auxiliary handle 

When you look at the small angle grinder the design and the handle are very simple. To decrease fatigue the slim body is designed ergonomically to make it suitable for every application. To achieve a better ideal and higher efficiency, an ergonomic side handle is included in the box to control the device at different angles. 

Guard or Disc Guard

One of the things you need to pay attention to when working with a small angle grinder is the wheel guard position. It is designed to allow you to change the disc position fast and keep safe. 

Small Angle Grinder Cable 

The 3-meter high-quality rubber cable is strong and conforms to the German VDE standard.


The small angle grinder box includes a wrench, a pair of brushes and an auxiliary handle. 

Small Angle Grinder 115mm – Technical data








Disc diameter


No-load speed

11000 RPM



Cable Length



a pair of brushes, a wrench, An auxiliary handle

3 reviews for Mini Angle Grinder 115mm 1000W DX-2110

  1. Jack Omally

    A very handy tool everyone should have.

  2. Maynard Lasalle

    I have just ordered it, can’t wait till I have it.

  3. Nate Jefferson

    Used for kitchen tiles with no problems.

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