SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer DX-3126

  • A800 W all-copper industrial armature and stator with resin coating
  • Three function: Drilling, Hammer Drilling, hammer only (Chisel Position Adjustment)
  • SDS-plus tool chuck and speed control trigger 
  • Lock- on system for long hour applications and dust-proof key
  • 360 rotary Plastic handle
  • 4-meter cable which conforms to the German VDE standard

SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer – Description


SDS-Plus rotary hammer with a 32 mm tool chuck is the one that everyone needs to do demolition works quickly. 

Other Features

This 800W rotary hammer with an unbelievable and lightweight design helps you to complete your projects without too much effort. With just one device you will be able to perform multiple functions because it is a 3-function device and you can use it in Drilling, Hammer Drilling, hammer only (Chisel Position Adjustment) modes

This 2.7 kg rotary hammer can be the best option for those who are looking for a tool that can have multiple functions. The powerful SDS-plus tool chuck and its 800 W motor helps you to perform drilling operations anywhere.

Corded Rotary Hammer – Detailed Description


Here are some brief descriptions of the DX-3126 model. 


Drilling, Hammer Drilling, hammer only (Chisel Position Adjustment) are three functions that SDS-Plus rotary hammer can perform with its powerful 800 W motor. This power tool works with a 220 voltage, and due to its maximum no-load speed of 11000PRM, it is known as a quick demolition tool. The all-copper industrial armature and stator are produced with an advanced technology and according to the European CE standard. 

Motor power

For a better performance, the 800 W rotary hammer is equipped with a large capacity cylinder to deliver a 3J impact energy. The high-quality alloy used in the cylinder and piston and hammer part prevents corrosion and friction. When performing, the torque clutch gives you safety. Due to the powerful motor the SDS-Plus rotary hammer is a monster power tool. The combination of light weight and power will amaze you. 

SDS-plus rotary hammer Mechanism 

You may think the SDS-Plus rotary hammer has a complicated mechanism but you are wrong. Using this 2.7kg power tool is very easy, after plugging it, select one of the modes with the modes selection knob and then push the On/Off button. If you have to work with Drilling, hammer-only mode for long hours and you are worried about fatigue, don’t worry! Use the lock-on trigger to work more comfortably. 


The SDS-Plus rotary hammer is the favorite tool of many Danlex fans. Maybe because they fell in love with the 32 mm tool chuck or maybe because this rotary hammer can be used everywhere. With the maximum drilling capacity on wood, 30 mm, metal 13 mm and concrete 32 mm it is no wonder that people won’t stop using it. One of the stunning features of the SDS-Plus chuck system is that the transferred energy can reach the maximum amount. 


We have listed some features of  the SDS-plus rotary hammer below to help you get more familiar with it. 

SDS-plus rotary hammer Case

Because of the diecast aluminum case the SDS-Plus rotary hammer is a lightweight device. This case also has led to a great strength and superior heat dissipation.

Ergonomic Design and Auxiliary handle 

If working with a rotary hammer for long hours makes you tired, the 360 rotary vibration-absorbing handle will save time. The ergonomic design will surprise you. it is one one the best corded tools.

Speed control trigger

The SDS-Plus rotary hammer includes a speed control trigger which helps to the soft start and safety of the operator.

SDS-plus rotary hammer Cable

The 4-meter cable allows a better maneuverability and the cable protecting ball joint makes a better effect while working with the power tool.

Package content

The 2.7kg Danlex rotary hammer with BMC box includes a pair of brushes, an auxiliary handle with Danlex design, 3 SDS-Plus drill bits, 2 SDS-Plus flat and pointed chisels. 

SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer – Technical data










Drilling capacity in wood


Drilling capacity in steel


Drilling capacity in concrete


Impact rate

0 – 4000 BPM

No-load speed

0 – 4000 RPM




2 SDS-Plus scaling and bull point chisel, 3 SDS-Plus drill bits, a pair of spare brushes, An auxiliary handle


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