Electric Cut Off Saw DX-5125

  • Equipped with 2500 W super industrial armature and stator with resin coating
  • Equipped with anti-wear gears in the industrial gearbox part
  • Equipped with a lock-switch to use un prolonged cuttings
  • Equipped with a lock-spindle for easy blade change
  • Equipped with a D-shape handle for ease of multiple cutting
  • Include a bigger miter scale compared to the existing tools
  • Equipped with an industrial anti-dust switch with ergonomic design

Electric Cut-off Saw – Description


The 2500 W electric cut off saw is a wonderful power tool which you can add to your tool set. 

Other Features

If you are a contractor who builds anything using different metal rods, you will definitely need a cut off saw for metal cutting applications. The professional motor in this device converts the 220 V electricity into 2500 W power. This power generates a 3900 RPM no-load speed which makes it great for heavy-load job applications. With the help of fence adjustment you can easily make bevel cuts.

Electric Cut Off Saw – Detailed Description


The Dx-5125 model with its amazing performance is used in cutting profiles, metal bars and components. For a professional who moves in different construction sites this tool is a useful choice. 


Metal components are very strong and that’s why they are used in different industries. The electric cut off saw is equipped with a professional and heavy 2500 W motor. It can generate a maximum 3900 RPM no-load speed for the best performance. So, its amazing performance makes it suitable for continuous and prolonged applications. 

Armature and Stator

The all industrial 2500 W armature and stator of the electric cut off saw are produced by advanced machines which conform to the European CE standard. In addition, the armature and stator are all copper and are produced with resin coating for more durability. 


The electric cut off saw is equipped with an industrial gearbox for a better efficiency, also using anti-wear gears in the gearbox part increases the useful life of the motor. 


The electric cut off saw includes a lot of features like dust-proof switch, lock-spindle, D-shaped handle etc. which we mention some of them below.  

Electric cut off saw Body 

Safety and durability are two important points in every power tool. The body of this electric tool is produced with the highest quality to offer the users with a great work experience. 


For accurate cuts in metal you need a sharp and high-quality blade. The electric cut off saw includes a 355 mm wheel. 

Oblique cuts

Oblique cuts are possible with this device. The adjustment will allow you to make cuts up to 45°. 

Cut capacity 

The maximum cut capacity of a 355 mm wheel for a round steel is 130 mm and this number turns into 120 mm when cutting a square steel. This numbers are different for an oblique cut so, the maximum cut capacity for a rectangular metal is 120*130 mm and 140*140* in a bevel cutting. 

Wheel change 

In addition to safe and easy change of a worn and weak wheel a spindle-lock system is installed on this electric device

Electric cut off saw Safety 

Working with a cut off saw makes a lot of dust and spark. To ensure the safety of users, this power tool  is equipped with a spark deflector to prevent injury. 

Dust-proof switch

The ergonomic dust-proof switch decreases the dust penetration and provides more comfort. 

D-shaped handle 

The ergonomic D-shaped handle gives you more control over the different cutting processes.

Lock vise

To improve the cutting performance, a lock vise is placed on the tool and allows for fast clamping on different size materials.


This device is offered with accessories like a wrench for wheel change and a 355 mm blade.

Electric Cut Off Saw – Technical data








No-load speed

3900 RPM

Disc diameter




Cable Length



a 355 mm blade, a wrench


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