Circular Saw 1500W DX-4218

  • 1500 W all-copper and industrial armature and stator
  • Equipped with an industrial gearbox and anti-wear gears
  • Equipped with a diamond blade for cutting MDF sheets
  • Hex key for quick and easy blade change
  • Equipped with an ergonomic design with antiperspirant coating
  • Adjustable cutting depth & angle
  • Light and compact
  • Equipped with a dust-proof key

Circular Saw 1500W – Description


The circular saw 1500W with its powerful motor and 6000 RPM speed, provides you with quick and accurate cuts. It is ideal for quick and accurate cuts in all kinds of carpentry applications. 

Other Features

The lightweight and ergonomic design increases operational efficiency and decreases fatigue. The spindle lock makes blade changing quick and easy and at the same time, it provides users with safety. Adjustable cutting depth allows different applications for the electric circular saw 1500W. The ergonomic design improves handling and performance. This Danlex circular saw is known for its metal base plate and the lock-on key for continuous working. You will experience the maximum comfort with this device which means less vibration and its soft handle makes the device control easier. The auxiliary handle provides the most control and power while working.

Circular Saw 1500W – Detailed Description


You can see some of the specifications of the DX-4218 model below. 

Motor and Gearbox

If you are looking for a tool that helps do the work right, this circular saw with a powerful 1500 W motor offers a 6000 RPM speed for faster cutting. The device has a voltage of 220 volts and a frequency of 50 Hz. The 1500 W all-copper industrial armature and stator are produced by advanced European machines which conform to the international European CE standard

Bevel adjustment

The circular saw 1500W includes bevel adjustment which sets on 45 and 90 degrees. This device with 6000 RPM can cut different materials like MDF and wood in a circular movement. 

Adjustable cutting depth

A wide range of applications is available because of the adjustable cutting depth.


Here are some features of a circular saw 1500W.

Spindle lock

The Spindle lock technology on the circular saw 1500W allows the users to change the blade easily and fast and at the same time, it maintains the user safety.

Safety shield 

To help control wood cutting dust and chips, a guard is designed to prevent injury.

circular saw 1500W Blade 

Blade of a circular saw is an important part of it. The  circular saw 1500W includes a blade with 190 mm diameter and the maximum cutting capacity is 66 mm at 90°. 

Lock-on pin 

To work continuously, the operator can use a lock-on pin and reduce fatigue while working. 


circular saw 1500W Ergonomic design 

The ergonomic and light design of electric circular saw 1500W increase efficiency and at the same time, it decreases user’s fatigue. This power tool is suitable in a wide range of carpentry applications for fast and accurate cuts. 

Light body

It is a lightweight device that only weighs 3.9 kg which helps to increase efficiency and decrease the user’s fatigue. 

Auxiliary handle

Using the auxiliary handle, you can have better control over the device and have a more accurate cut.  


The circular saw 1500W comes with a diamond blade for MDF cutting and manuals. 

Circular Saw 1500W – Technical data








Blade Diameter


Maximum Cutting Capacity

66 mm at 90°

No-load speed

6000 RPM



Cable Length



a diamond blade for MDF cutting and manuals


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