Heat Gun 2000W DX-9420

  • A ceramic heating element with mica coating for uniform heat transfer and the longer lifespan
  • Variable temperature control dial in 3 different modes, from 50° to 600° C
  • A full steel element cover for better effect in heat transfer
  • Includes a 9-grade heat control dimmer
  • Includes 6 different nozzles 
  • Air inlet on the body of the device

Hot Air Heat Gun 2000W – Description


Heat gun 2000W is a useful tool in workshops and houses. These heating devices help the user to do every work that needs heat like paint removal, bending plastic pipes, welding plastics, removing adhesive tiles, shrinking plastic tubing.

Other Features

The hot air heat gun 2000W is no exception to this rule. With the powerful 2000 W motor, this product can heat up to 600° C in a moment that makes it stand out among its peers. The ergonomic design with a temperature adjustment from 50 to 600° C and an airflow speed control provides an optimal control depending on the application. 

Heat Gun 2000W – Detailed Description


The DX-9420 model has been designed to do a lot of workshop and domestic work. 


Paint removal, bending plastic pipes, welding plastics, removing adhesive tiles, shrinking plastic tubing, epoxy resin, cell phone repairs and electronics repair gets easier than before with the use of 2000 W power and 6-grades constant temperature control (50° to 600° C).


This tool is equipped with a 2000 W powerful motor and it quickly heats up to 600° C in a few seconds.


Inside, the motor of the heat gun 2000W provides a lot of power to quickly heat up in a few seconds. With the built-in overload protection system you will never need to worry about overheating during continuous working. The mechanism of this electric tool is very simple. The 9-grade heat control dimmer and the 3-modes airflow speed control can meet every need of a work environment. 

The cooling system 

The cooling system quickly turns off the heating element and protects the heat gun 2000W from burning and increases the lifespan. The high-quality ceramic heating and the cooling mechanism are two of the good features of the device.


The DX-9420 includes features like overload protection, constant heat control system, heat control dimmer, airflow speed control and …. These mechanisms make your device safer and more reliable and they also increase the lifespan. 

Heat gun 2000W Body

You can adjust the temperature with the dimmer and with the help of a protection system prevent overheating. The heat gun 2000W includes a creative ceramic heating with mica cover which is of high-quality and has a compact design. 

Ergonomic design and lightweight

The heat gun 2000W with compact and ergonomic design is a light weight power tool which weighs only 1 kg. It can be the lightest but most functional tool in your workshop.

Overload Protection

The hot air heat gun 2000W includes a built-in overload system. In case of overheating, it turns off the elements for a few seconds. 

Constant heat control system

The hot air heat gun 2000W includes a constant heat control system which turns off/on the elements continuously to control and stabilize the temperature at the desired value during operation. The constant heat control is specifically engineered for continuous operation without overheating.

Heat control dimmer

The heat gun 2000W includes a 9-grade heat control dimmer which can adjust temperature from 50 to 600° C and it can be accessed on the rear of the device. 

Airflow speed system control 

Not all of the jobs are alike and the Danlex product creation experts pay attention during designing. In addition to the temperature, the heat gun 2000W is equipped with an airflow speed system control (250 L/min and 500 L/min) to meet every need.  

Heat gun 2000W Accessories 

This power tool is provided in a strong BMC box including 6 nozzles which will meet different needs in the work environment.

Heat Gun 2000W – Technical Data









50° – 600° C

Air Flow

250 – 500 L/min



Cable Length

6 nozzles, a strong BMC box


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