1/2 impact wrench DX-9510

  • All industrial 950 W armature and stator 
  • 350 Nm torque force
  • Dust-proof ball bearings
  • Dust-proof switch
  • Equipped with an industrial gearbox
  • Equipped with a Speed control trigger 
  • Equipped with a clutch system for industrial and continuous use
  • Includes an impact resistant BMC box 
  • Brush caps on the device for easy changing

1/2 impact wrench – Description


The 1/2 impact wrench with a 950 W motor offers high-efficiency and makes the impossible work possible.  

Other Features

Imagine opening a frozen screw with a hand wrench. It is possible that the bolts and nuts won’t turn. But what if you use an impact wrench? They are widely used for tasks like car repairs and major construction projects and furniture assembly. The 350Nm 1/2 impact wrench removes and tightens M8 to M24 screw sizes and has a noiseless performance.  

1/2 impact wrench – Detailed Description


The DX-9510 model with a 950 W industrial armature and stator and with high-efficiency offers an amazing performance in fastening with different torques.


The 350Nm 1/2 impact wrench is useful for a wide range of construction works. The industrial, all-copper armature and stator are produced by advanced technology machines which conform to the European CE standard.  


The impact wrench 350Nm is useful for a wide range of construction works. It delivers 350Nm of torque when you need extra torque to drive large screws into wood. This action creates a lot of force that enables it to loosen even the toughest nuts and bolts.

Ball bearing

The NSK dust-proof ball bearings are designed for high efficiency and more durability. 


Sometimes the bolts are fastened too tight or sometimes they are so damaged that a hand wrench cannot be attached to them. Regardless of the reason the 1/2 impact wrench  allows you to apply more force and grip to a hard-to-turn bolt.


The 350Nm 1/2 impact wrench includes a lot of features such as different socket wrench, speed control trigger and dust-proof key which we discuss below:

1/2 impact wrench Body

The impact wrench with its lightweight and ergonomic design offers a fatigue- free performance in a variety of industries. The strong diecast aluminum housing reduces heat dissipation and makes it durable. 

Socket Wrench 

This impact wrench is equipped with a 1/2 inch bit holder and with a special converter you can use socket wrenches with different sizes. 

Standard Bolt

The 1/2 impact wrench can fasten M8 to M24 screws and perform a powerful, voiceless operation. 

Speed control trigger 

There is a trigger on this impact wrench which allows you to control the speed easily.

Dust-proof switch

The impact wrench 350Nm includes a dust-proof switch with a variable speed for an accurate start of socket.


The device includes a 17 mm, 19 mm, 20 mm, and a 21 mm socket wrench and a BMC box.

1/2 impact wrench – Technical Data










Standard Bolt

M8 – M24

No-load speed

2200 RPM

Impacts per Minute

2700 IPM

Tool holder

1/2 Inch

Cable Length

17 mm, 19 mm, 20 mm, and a 21 mm socket wrench, BMC box


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