Jigsaw 650W DX-4165
  • Jigsaw 650W DX-4165

    Lock-on switch
    Variable speed trigger

  • Jigsaw 650W DX-4165

    Lock-on switch
    Variable speed trigger

Jigsaw 650W DX-4165

  • 650 W industrial armature and stator 
  • 4-Stages Pendulum Action of blade to increase cutting speed
  • Industrial gearbox with anti-wear gears
  • Lock-on switch for prolonged cutting and dust-proof key
  • 6-position variable speed trigger and dial to control speed
  • Antiperspirant coating on the handle
  • Keyed replaceable system for cutting blades
  • 3 m cable with German VDE standard
Danlex Jigsaw 650W DX-4165 Information

Jigsaw 650W DX-4165 – Description


The powerful 650 W motor and gearbox with high-performance is a suitable choice for a jigsaw. The wood cutting depth is 100 mm and for the metal it is 10 mm. 

Other Features 

The jigsaw 650W is a practical tool which deserves to be in every tool set. The DX-4165 with a universal 650 W motor is one the best jigsaws. The electric jigsaw 650W can perform various cuts such as straight cuts to curved and complicated lines. The combination of 3100 RPM with a blade ensures a fast and accurate cut. When the right blade is installed, no wood, MDF sheet or even metal sheet can resist it. All of the Danlex products are designed ergonomically and include a soft rubber handle.

Jigsaw 650W DX-4165 – Detailed Description


The DX-4165 model includes some specifications which we have mentioned below. 


There is a powerful 650 W motor inside the jigsaw which produces 3100 RPM orbital power. This orbital power moves the shaft and as a result power transfers to the blade. This great power has a 100 mm cut capacity in wood and 10 mm cut capacity in metal sheets. 


The aluminum gearbox of the jigsaw 650W offers more lifespan and great durability. It is a combination of innovation and performance to make sure that you cut quickly and well. In summary, the combination of motor with the 650 W industrial armature and stator and aluminum gearbox, leads to much better and more efficient performance and you end up with a power tool with a productive power mechanism.

The cooling system 

The die cast aluminum housing of the jigsaw 650W helps the heat dissipation. The airflow cooling system helps to solve the heat problem. It is not just a cooling system but also an effective dust blower. The air pumps behind the blade and removes the wood chips


The electric jigsaw 650W includes some features that you can see below. 


jigsaw 650W Handle

The main handle of the jigsaw 650W is covered with soft rubber material which is an essential feature for all of the cutting tools to reduce fatigue and minimize vibration in prolonged cutting operations. 

The blade mechanism

The fastening mechanism of the blade is designed to be efficient. There’s a hexagon screw, on the right side of the clamp and with a hex key you can fasten the blade. The lever mechanism is also to adjust the oblique cuts easily and quickly. 

Speed control dimmer

The speed of this efficient motor changes from 0 to 3100 RPM and this speed is controlled with the 6-position variable speed trigger and dial. This dimmer helps the operator to adjust the speed to suit his needs. 

jigsaw 650W Keys

Different keys with different functions are placed on the body of the electric jigsaw 650W which we describe below. 

Main key 

The main key on the main handle includes a dimmer switch to control the blade speed in cutting different materials. 

4-Stages Pendulum Action system

You can find the 4-Stages Pendulum Action key of the jigsaw 650W on the right side of the device and it is responsible for adjusting the blade impact power level. If you put it on a high level, the blade will move with more speed to cut. The 4-stages pendulum action system helps to set the optimal cutting of different materials and improves control and cutting speed.

Dust blower key

One of the most interesting features of the jigsaw 650W is the dust blower key which makes the cutting line visible.  

Anti-splinter insert

Sometimes you have to analyze the cut line to ensure you are on the right path. So, there is a transparent plastic cover for the blade which protects the eyes when the operator is looking at the cut line. 


The jigsaw 650W is provided with a blade and manual.

jigsaw 650W – Technical data








Minimum depth of cut


Maximum depth of cut


No-load speed

0 – 3100 RPM




blade, manual


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