Welding Inverter 160A DX-8116

Welding Inverter 160A DX-8116

  • Equipped with the new IGBT technology 
  • Different electrodes including anode and cathode
  • Equipped with 3 capacitance 470 µF
  • Welding with electrode 5 
  • Equipped with a Thermoswitch
  • High thickness copper shunts
  • Equipped with ARC FORCE Adjustable Knob to adjust arc

Inverter Welding Machine – Description


Inverter welding machine is a single-phase ARC/MMA and lightweight tool. It is a high frequency inverter with low power consumption from Danlex which can perform light and heavy-duty operations. 

Other Features

This inverter helps you to perform a wide range of difficult and easy welding operations. This inverter includes advanced features like IGBT technology, better arc, energy consumption reduction and efficiency increase. It also includes an ARC FORCE adjustable knob to set the arc. Other feature are: overvoltage, undervoltage, overheat and overload protection.

Inverter Welding Machine – Detailed Description


Here are some of the DX-8116 model specifications.


The Inverter welding machine can be used inside and outside the house because the automatic short circuit current protection provides less spark and great performance on rusty surfaces. This 10 A inverter includes an Anti-Stich mechanism which makes it suitable for amateur welders. 

IGBT Technology 

To achieve more welding penetration, reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency the inverter welding machine uses IGBT technologies. They are high-speed switching devices which are used in all of the welding machines and facilitate voltage adjustment. The most important advantage of IGBTs is that they are less vulnerable to power fluctuations and generator power which makes them more reliable and they are less prone to damage or failure.

The cooling system

The inverter welding machine includes air vents on the body for more air circulation and front air vents as a cooling system to increase welding efficiency. The cooling system allows continuous welding and protects the welding inverter against any potential damage.


Here are some of the other features of welding machine. 

Body and Casing

This is very lightweight machine and it is easy to carry it. This full metal impact-resistant body only weighs 7 kg. 

Automatic short circuit current protection

Automatic short circuit current protection reduces spark and improves performance on rusty surfaces which makes this tool an ideal choice.

Inverter Welding Machine Electrode 

The inverter welding machine works with MMA electrodes up to 5 mm. The insulation class of this machine is F so it can be used with these electrodes. 

ARC FORCE Adjustable Knob

To perform welding operation easier this machine includes an ARC FORCE adjustable knob which is used to adjust arc or welding penetration.

LCD Digital Display 

The LCD Digital Display helps to perform welding operation more precisely.

Inverter Welding Machine Cable 

This welding machine includes a high-quality 2.8 m cable which conforms to the German VDE standard.


This machine comes with a 2.5 m work clamp, a brush and a welding hood.

Inverter Welding Machine – Technical data




Input Voltage


Input Power


No-load Voltage


Current Range

10-160 A

Protection Grade


Rated Duty Cycle


Insulation Class




Cable Length



2.5m work clamp, a brush and a welding hood

3 reviews for Welding Inverter 160A DX-8116

  1. Edwin Kahn

    Pretty cool machine.

  2. Davis Owen

    Easy to carry around the work space.

  3. Sebastian Butler

    As a beginner I enjoyed working with this machine.

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