ARC Welding Inverter DX-8120

  • MOSFET (25N50) technology for a better welding operation
  • Anti-stick capability to facilitate work 
  • Equipped with 6 capacitance 470 µF
  • Welding with electrode 5 
  • Equipped with a Thermoswitch
  • Equipped with ARC FORCE Adjustable Knob to adjust arc

ARC Welding Inverter – Description


If you are looking for a durable inverter for industrial and semi-industrial welding operation the arc welding inverter is equipped with a MOSFET technology to help the users optimize performance and to decrease energy consumption and increase efficiency. 

Other Features

This welding inverter is an ideal choice for amateur welders to have. You don’t have to worry about your welding project’s safety. Other features include: overvoltage, undervoltage, overheat and overload protection. Anti-Stick / Hot Start and Spark reduction has turned this welding machine into a great tool for welders. 

ARC Welding Inverter – Detailed Description


The DX-8120 model specifications are stated below.  


A welding operation is very precise and complex because often important components are welded together and in case of making a mistake, it would be difficult to separate those parts. Metal welding is a special process through which two homogeneous or inhomogeneous metals are welded by using a consumable metal or without melting locally and permanently. 

Welding is not only used on two iron objects but it is also used to repair the lost or broken parts of the structure. This operation is done by a professional welder because an experienced welder knows the basics of iron welding. Welding is also done in different ways and in different stages.

To put it simply, the arc welding inverter is an electronic system for adjusting voltage. Inverter-based devices use a series of electronic components to convert power. This device works by increasing the primary power supply frequency from 50 Hz to 20,000 to 100,000 Hz. This is done using electronic switches that quickly (up to 1 millionths of a second) turn the power on and off. By controlling the power supply in this way, before it enters the transformer, the size of the transformer can be significantly reduced.

The cooling system

The arc welding inverter includes air vents on the body for more air circulation and front air vents as a cooling system to increase welding efficiency. The cooling system allows continuous welding and protects the welding inverter against any potential damage.


Here are some of the other features of welding machine. 

Body and Casing 

The arc welding inverter includes a full metal body that is impact resistant and it increases the tool’s lifespan. Moreover, this machine is equipped with three layers of PVC board to protect the device. 

Arc Welding Inverter Electrode 

An electrode is used to weld two pieces through directing the current. You can use a 5 mm electrode with the arc welding inverter. Also, anode and cathode electrodes can be used by this machine. 

Arc Welding Inverter Shunt

High-thickness copper shunts are used in the arc welding inverter. A shunt is a device which allows electric current to pass around another point in the circuit by creating a low resistance path. 

ARC FORCE Adjustable Knob

To perform welding operation easier this machine includes an ARC FORCE adjustable knob which is used to adjust arc in welding. 

LCD Digital Display 

The LCD Digital Display helps to perform welding operation more precisely. 

Automatic short circuit current protection

Automatic short circuit current protection reduces spark and improves performance which makes this tool  an ideal choice. 


This welding machine includes a high-quality 2.8 m cable which conforms to the German VDE standard.


This machine comes with a 2.5 m work clamp, a brush and a welding hood.

ARC Welding Inverter – Technical data




Input Voltage


Input Power


No-load Voltage


Current Range

30-200 A

Protection Grade


Rated Duty Cycle


Insulation Class




Cable Length



2.5m work clamp, a brush and a welding hood

3 reviews for Welding Inverter 200A DX-8120

  1. Carl Hammer

    It really went above all my expectations. I didn’t have any problems.

  2. Fredrick

    I welded some steel plates and the result was great.

  3. Jason Mann

    I am going to buy this beauty.

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