Polisher 150mm 900W DX-9110

Polisher 150mm 900W DX-9110

  • Equipped with 900 W all-industrial armature and stator with resin coating
  • Equipped with dust-proof ball bearings
  • Equipped with a spindle-lock 
  • Equipped with a D shaped handle for user comfort when polishing and detailing 
  • Orbital rotation and Vibration
danlex 150mm polisher dx-9110 information

Polisher 150mm – Description


The polisher 150mm can help us to speed up the cleaning and polishing process to increase the vehicle’s lifespan. Most of the people in auto detailing use this device but the users can use it for personal cars if they are DIYer. 

Other Features

The polisher 150mm 900W with its powerful 900 W motor provides great results and efficiency and makes it an ideal tool for polishing and buffing. It is a great tool to remove scratches and makes little noise and vibration.

Polisher 150mm – Detailed Description


The DX-9110 model can be used for vehicle waxing and polishing (for door handles, door frames and small spots on the vehicle body). Here are some specifications of the device. 


The polisher 150mm 900W can meet the user’s need for waxing and polishing the vehicle’s body. It is a very light, powerful and quiet safe device, and can be set at different speeds. 

Motor and Gearbox 

The polisher 150mm includes a powerful motor which consists of a 900 W industrial armature and stator that are all copper. It is necessary to mention that like all the other Danlex products the armature and stator are produced by European CE standard. In addition to a powerful motor, it includes a gearbox with unique design that transfers minimum motor vibration to the handle and as result decreases user fatigue. 

Ball bearing 

The dust-proof ball bearings prevent dust penetration and damage to the motor. They also guarantee the motor durability and make it smoother and more efficient.


This polisher includes a lot of features which we will explore here.

Polisher 150mm Body

The polisher 150mm is equipped with an ergonomic body to help the users while polishing and waxing. 

Auxiliary handle 

The ergonomic auxiliary handle decreases fatigue and provides complete control over the polisher 150mm.

6-Variable Speed Dial

The polisher 150mm 900W includes a 6-variable speed dial. 

  • For color modifying, we offer 4 and 5 speeds. 
  • For waxing, we offer 2 and 3 speeds. 


The polisher 150mm comes with a polishing and waxing pad.

Polisher 150mm – Technical data








Pad Size


No-load speed

2000-6500 RPM



Cable Length



Polishing and waxing pad

3 reviews for Polisher 150mm 900W DX-9110

  1. Denis Mann

    I work in an auto detailing shop and this polisher rocks!!!

  2. Sal Fahn

    I have just started to repair my own car and bought this, such a great tool.

  3. Herman T

    Just started using it.

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