Polisher 180mm 1400W DX-9114

Polisher 1400w DX-9114

  • Equipped with 1400 W all-industrial armature and stator with resin coating
  • Anti-wear gears in gearbox
  • Equipped with a spindle-lock for easier and quicker mounting of pad
  • Equipped with a D shaped handle for user comfort when polishing and detailing 
  • Dust-proof switch
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Polisher 1400W – Description


The invention of electric tools has changed the world. The polisher 1400w with its powerful motor can help us to speed up the cleaning and polishing process to keep vehicles glazing for a longer time. 

Other Features

Danlex produces a wide range of electric tools to support a wide range of customers all over the world. It offers the most modern and advanced technologies which are produced for a special kind of tasks. So, this electric polisher, with its powerful and strong 1400 w motor can offer the maximum efficiency and performance in every application and makes it an ideal tool for polishing and deoxidation. The polisher 1400w 180mm with its dust-proof ball bearings will serve the user for a longer time.

Polisher 1400W – Detailed Description


Danlex polisher is designed specifically for polishing metal surfaces like car bodies. Some of the important parameters of the DX-9114 model are stated below. 

Motor and Gearbox

The polisher 1400w with its powerful motor which consists of industrial armature and stator that are produced by European technology to guarantee motor durability. The 1400 W motor provides 600 to 3500 Rpm speed that indicates the practicality of the device.

Ball bearing 

The dust-proof ball bearings prevent dust penetration and damage to the motor. They also guarantee the motor durability and make it smoother and more efficient.

Gears and Grease 

For a better performance the polisher 1400w includes anti-wear gears in the gearbox section which increase its lifespan. The high-quality grease helps the better operation of metal parts like gears to serve the operator for a longer time.

The cooling system

 The process of increasing the speed of the spindle-lock is accompanied by a decrease in torque which causes gearbox overeating. To prevent overheating, Danlex has designed air vents on the body to help the long lifespan of the polisher 1400w with a suitable inner air circulation.


This polisher includes a lot of features which we will explore here.

Polisher 1400w Body 

The polisher 1400w weighs only 3.3 kg which makes it suitable for all kinds of polishing works on small to bigger surfaces and can be carried easily. 

Polisher 1400w Cable 

The polisher 1400w is equipped with a 4 m cord which conforms to the German VDE standard. Because of the high quality, it is durable enough.

Polishing disc

This device includes a high-quality wool polishing disc and pad. The 180 mm diameter is suitable for different applications.

Gearbox housing

The heat-resistant housing prevents hands from heating up and as a result, it facilitates the polishing operation.

Auxiliary handle 

D-shaped ergonomic auxiliary handle, decreases fatigue and provides complete control over the polisher 1400w 180mm.

6-Variable Speed Dial

This power tool includes a dimmer switch to set the speed of the polisher 1400w 180mm to prevent damage to the surface you are working on. The 6-variable speed dial allows the user to choose between 600 to 3500 Rpm speed. 


The polisher 1400w 180mm comes with a high-quality wool polishing disc and pad.

Polisher 1400w – Technical data








Pad Size


No-load speed

600-3500 RPM




wool polishing disc and pad

2 reviews for Polisher 180mm 1400W DX-9114

  1. Rick

    Used it on an old car and turned it to a new one!

  2. Julian CS

    I am practicing on a piece of metal sheet and WOW!

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