HEX Demolition hammer DX-3407

  • All industrial, all copper 900 W armature and stator with resin coating for more strength
  • Includes a flat and a pointed chisel with grease
  • Equipped with a Hex tool holder
  • Includes an AVC anti- vibration system
  • Equipped with an anti-vibration system and a motor cooling system
  • Includes a 4-meter cable which conforms to the German VDE standard with a cable protecting ball joint

HEX Demolition Hammer – Description


With a HEX Demolition hammer you will feel absolute power in your hands. If you are working in a difficult environment, less demolition and great care is required. So, 900 W motor power is enough for what you are doing. 

Other Features

The thing that distinguishes the HEX Demolition hammer 900W from other types is its 7 kg weight and its anti-vibration system which reduces fatigue in any operation and improves efficiency. The combination of 7.6 J impact energy and the maximum 3200 BPM impact rate leads to a bigger, quicker and more accurate demolition operation. Since it is mostly used in horizontal positions, a wide range of moves beside the operator’s comfort is a necessity and for making it possible, a 360° vibration-proof auxiliary handle is provided to make it all possible.

HEX Demolition Hammer – Detailed Description


The specifications of the DX-3407 model are included below. 


A 900 W industrial designed motor is inside the7 kg HEX demolition hammer with which every component including rotor and stator are produced automatically and according to the European CE standard. 

Hammer Mechanism

For adjusting the hammering position and increasing the efficiency of every impact (maximum3200 BPM impact rate) a HEX tool holder is placed in the HEX demolition hammer. The maximum3200 BPM impact rate is produced by this mechanism and it is an outstanding impact rate in comparison with the other brands. The Hex tool holder is made of a hammering system which includes O-rings and high-quality gears, cylinder, piston and hammer shaft that are made of the best alloys and materials. 

HEX Demolition hammer Cooling system

 The direct air flow system cools the body and motor for a better performance. The air vent is right under the motor case to suck the air in and cool the device.  

Safety clutch with Torque

When the motor of HEX Demolition hammer 900W is overloaded with so much work, the safety clutch system guarantees the safety of operator and armature.

HEX Demolition hammer Tool holder

The HEX Demolition hammer includes a HEX and a 17 mm tool holder. 


Here are some other features of the HEX Demolition hammer 900W. 

Body and casing

One of the advantages of this power tool besides the weight and other important features is that the HEX Demolition hammer is designed specifically for medium and light operations. 

Because of being lightweight and the right size of it you can use it in a wide range of operations. Like other rotary and demolition hammers that are produced with high-quality materials in Danlex, the HEX Demolition hammer 900W is specifically made of a cast aluminum alloy which is a great material for increasing the body strength of power tools and reducing the weight. Thus, having an aluminum body not only provides a great heat dissipation but also guarantees the body strength.  

Ergonomic design and auxiliary handle

The ergonomic body and handle of this electric tool provide a better control and make it more effective for demolition. 

Dust-proof key

This 7 kg demolition tool which is used for just one purpose in every workshop, is equipped with high-quality keys. An operator with a Danlex HEX Demolition hammer in hand works in a construction site which is full of dust and the only solution to guarantee the long-lasting performance of this tool is the anti-dust key.

HEX Demolition hammer Lock-on pin

The lock-on pin is useful in long hour applications and prevents fatigue. 

HEX Demolition hammer Accessories

The HEX Demolition hammer comes with a BMC box, an auxiliary handle, a pair of brushes, a flat chisel, a point chisel with grease.

HEX Demolition Hammer – Technical Data








Impact energy

7.6 Joule

Impact rate

0 – 3200 BPM



Cable Length

a flat chisel, a pair of spare brushes, a point chisel, An auxiliary handle, Grease


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