Demolition Hammer SDS-Max DX-3411

  • All industrial, all copper 1800 W armature and stator with resin coating for more strength
  • Includes a flat and a pointed chisel with grease
  • Equipped with a chisel steering control  
  • Equipped with a D-shape auxiliary handle 
  • Equipped with a 6-speed dimmer switch
  • Equipped with an anti-vibration system
  • Equipped with SDS-Max tool holder for transferring more power to the chisel and metal components
  • Equipped with a lubrication system for a better performance in gearbox part
  • Includes a 3-meter cable which conforms to the German VDE standard with a cable protecting ball joint

Demolition Hammer SDS-Max – Description


The demolition hammer SDS-Max is a powerful tool that can help the operators to finish their heavy-duty job operations. 

Other Features 

If you are looking for a demolition tool with a SDS-Max tool holder to help you, this demolition tool would be a good choice. This demolition hammer with its powerful 1800 W motor will show you the real power.

Demolition Hammer SDS-Max – Detailed Description


We have included some of the specifications of the DX-3411 model below. 

Motor and Gearbox

Searching about the motor is a critical item when choosing a demolition tool. The more powerful the tool, the easier your demolition job will be. The demolition hammer SDS-Max with 1800 W motor works with a 220 V voltage and will amaze you. The industrial design of gearbox in combination with cylinder and piston can release 25 J impact energy. The 2900 BPM impact rate will help you to complete your demolition works effortlessly. The dust-proof motor and the high- torque allows you to use it everywhere in the construction site without any concern. All industrial, all-copper armature and stator are produced by advanced machines which conform to the European CE standard. 

Demolition hammer SDS-Max Cylinder

The demolition hammer SDS-Max is thoughtfully designed specifically for heavy demolitions. Electrical energy delivered to the cylinder and piston from the motor, releases 25 joules of impact energy to maximize the number of strokes per minute.

Ball bearing

When designing, we have thought about our product’s durability by using dust-proof ball bearings. So, this electric tool will be your companion all along your life. 

Tool holder

This power tool is equipped with an SDS-Max tool holder which is an unbelievable choice for a 11 kg demolition hammer. A unique chisel steering control is designed for the tool holder so you can adjust the hammer positions. 


Here are some of the other features of the demolition hammer SDS-Max.

Anti-vibration system 

The double-layered anti-vibration system reduces hand shaking and fatigue.  When doing heavy tasks, the ergonomic D-shaped handle helps you to have complete control over the demolition hammer SDS-Max so you work more efficiently. This double-layered anti-vibration system can minimize the reflection of impact energy. 

Demolition hammer SDS-Max Body and casing

Although 11 kg may not seem so light but for a demolishing monster, it is a great weight. This demolition hammer is for those who care for power more than comfort. 

Ergonomic design and auxiliary handle

The demolition hammer SDS-Max with a D-shaped handle and an ergonomic design has become one of the most popular products in the Danlex family. It is one of the lightweight demolition hammers in the market. 

Dimmer switch

The 6-speed dimmer switch allows the operators to change the speed of the tool according to their working condition.

Demolition hammer SDS-Max Accessories

The demolition hammer SDS-Max comes with a BMC box, an auxiliary handle, a pair of brushes, and SDS-Max bit. 

Demolition Hammer SDS-Max – Technical Data








Impact energy

25 Joule

Impact rate

0 – 2900 BPM

Tool holder system




Cable Length

a pair of spare brushes, An auxiliary handle, BMC box, SDS-Max bit


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