1500W Demolition Hammer DX-3516

  • All industrial, all copper 1500 W armature and stator with resin coating for more strength
  • Includes a flat and a pointed chisel with grease
  • Equipped with a 25 mm Hex tool holder
  • Equipped with an AVC anti-vibration system 
  • Equipped with anti-wear O-rings
  • Unique body design with heat sink capability for cooling the motor and metal components
  • Equipped with a lubrication system for a better performance in gearbox part
  • Includes a 4-meter cable which conforms to the German VDE standard with a cable protecting ball joint

1500W Demolition hammer – Description


You have to use a demolition hammer for demolition and not anything else. For light demolitions and heavier demolition, the 1500W Demolition hammer would be your best friend.  

Other Features 

The Demolition hammer offers you a 50 J impact energy. This power tool with1400 BPM impact rate is designed for heavy duty job operations. It can accommodate different types of chisels and every chisel contributes to a different target, like making a big hole in concrete, removing tiles and even light demolition work.

1500W Demolition hammer – Detailed Description


Some of the specifications of the DX-3516 model are available below. 


Energy is expressed in Joules. The higher the joules, the more force this 1500W demolition hammer produces. This electric tool can produce 1500 W power, so it can be used for a wide range of operations. The powerful 1500 W motor produces 50 J impact energy which is suitable for heavy duty jobs. The high-quality grease lubrication system ensures durability and longer life of the motor.

The gears and specially the lubrication system that goes along with them are designed to decrease friction. The electric tool is equipped with a 1500 W motor which works with 220 V voltage to present you with the power you want. This motor can help you to do demolition works quickly because you have 1400 BPM and it is a very good number for a demolition tool. The all industrial, all copper armature and stator of this motor were produced by advanced technology of European machines according to the European CE standard.

1500W demolition hammer Cylinder

To maximize the number of strokes, the electrical energy delivered to the cylinder and piston from the motor releases 50 joules of destructive power to provide excellent impact force for heavy demolition operations.

Tool holder

The 1500W demolition hammer includes several chisel bits like a Hex flat chisel and a point chisel. The powerful HEX tool holder can increase the demolition performance significantly. This demolition hammer with a 25 mm HEX tool holder is ready to finish are your undone works. 


Here we have mentioned some of the other features of this device.

1500W demolition hammer Body 

The 1500W demolition hammer with 15.2 kg weight needs a strong body which is made of a special alloy. The cast magnesium alloy makes it a lightweight device and the heat dissipates better and increases the body strength.

Auxiliary handle

The compact and simple design of the demolition hammer makes it ideal for drilling in brick, masonry and sometimes working on concrete. Also, the soft grip significantly reduces fatigue when working long hours.

Anti-vibration system 

The AVS anti-vibration system and electronic constant speed helps you to work in different positions and for long hours without a lot of effort. All these features in a 1500W demolition hammer lead to a better experience in demolishing operations.

Lock-on pin

There’s a lock-on pin function on the 1500W demolition hammer, so makes working with this tool easier. This lock-on system protects the armature in continuous operations. 

Light indicator

The light indicator on the body lets you know when the cable has broken. There is also a service reminder light that shows the time of repair and maintenance. 

1500W demolition hammer Accessories 

The DX-3516 model comes in a BMC box and includes an ergonomic auxiliary handle, a pack of grease, a pair of brush, a flat chisel, and a pointed chisel.

1500w Demolition hammer – Technical Data








Impact rate

1400 BPM

Impact energy

50 Joule

Tool holder system


Tool holder capacity




Cable Length

a flat chisel, a pair of spare brushes, a point chisel, An auxiliary handle, Grease


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