Rotary Hammer Drill DX-3132

  • A800 W all-copper industrial armature and stator with resin coating
  • 3 function: Drilling, Hammer Drilling, hammer only (and Chisel position adjustment)
  • SDS-plus tool chuck and speed control trigger
  • NSK Japan ball bearing 
  • Lock- on system for long hour applications and dust-proof key
  • 360 rotary Plastic handle
  • 4-meter cable which conforms to the German VDE standard and an impact resistant tool box

Rotary Hammer Drill – Description


Heavy works need heavy duty tools which are specifically designed for them. You can’t just simply take a drill bit and start drilling in a concrete wall. You need a powerful assistant. It is the time that Danlex rotary hammer drill shines.

Other Features

This rotary hammer drill with its 850 W motor power is ready for drilling and hammering challenges. It presents a 3.3J demolition power on the surface and performs three functions: Drilling, Hammer Drilling, hammer only (and Chisel position adjustment). So, if you are looking for a rotary hammer that can perform drilling and demolition 850W rotary hammer is a suitable tool for you.

Corded Rotary Hammer – Detailed Description


In a brief description we have included some of the specifications of the DX-3132 model. 


This rotary hammer drill is designed for heavy duty applications. It can produce force for drilling in low density materials, drilling and hammering for tougher components, and drilling with the aim for demolition. 

Gearbox and Ball bearing

The gearbox includes an 850 W copper armature and stator with resin coating. This power tool also is equipped with a NSK Japan ball bearing and it is produced by advanced machines according to European CE standard. 

Rotary hammer drill Cylinder

This amazing rotary hammer drill is a cylinder with high capacity for more efficiency and strength. The high-quality alloy used in the cylinder and piston and hammer part prevents corrosion and friction. The maximum no-load speed is 13000 RPM and maximum impact rate in hammer mode is 5100BPM.

Torque clutch

The 850W rotary hammer has a powerful safety system and sometimes this power might cause problems. For instance, when working with rotation and hammer mode, the drill bit can be stuck in tough stones. For preventing damages this device is equipped with a Torque clutch.


The rotary hammer drill with the newest heat dissipation system and ergonomic design is ready to  help you as a power tool. Select one of the modes with the modes selection knob and then push the On/Off button and you can see the magic. The lock-on trigger helps the operator to control speed and gradually increase it or decrease when it’s needed.


The SDS plus chuck can hold drill bits up to 32 mm and flat and pointed chisels. This keyless chuck makes the user work faster when changing the bits. With this 32 mm chuck tool you can drill in wood up to 30 mm, metal up to 13 mm, and concrete up to 32 and also 68 mm holes in plaster walls. 


Some of the features of this rotary hammer drill are mentioned here. 

Body and Case

For maximum durability and strength, a die cast aluminum case is used in rotary hammer drill which plays a role in heat dissipation. Using a metal like aluminum in the body of this device, makes it a lightweight electric tool. 

Rotary hammer drill Auxiliary handle 

The auxiliary handle has made working with this rotary hammer drill easier. It is a 360 rotary vibration-absorbing handle and decreases the vibration while drilling. it is one the best corded tools. 

Dust-proof trigger

Dust-proof trigger prevents dust from entering the device and prevents damage to the motor in work environments. 

Lock-on pin

The switch of this power tool includes a lock-on pin which is very useful in working hours and gradually decreases fatigue. 

Rotary hammer drill Cable

The 4- meter cable allows a better performance and the cable protecting ball joint allows freedom in movement when working. 

Package content

 The 850W rotary hammer with BMC box includes a pair of brushes, an auxiliary handle with Danlex design, 3 drill bits, 2 SDS-Plus flat and pointed chisel.

Rotary Hammer Drill – Technical data










Chuck capacity


Drilling capacity in wood


Drilling capacity in steel


Drilling capacity in concrete


Impact rate

0 – 5000 BPM

Impact energy

5 Joule

No-load speed

0 – 13000 RPM




2 SDS-Plus scaling and bull point chisel, 3 drill bits, a pair of spare brushes, An auxiliary handle


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