SDS Max Rotary Hammer 8.5kg 1200W DX-3440
  • Rotary Hammer SDS Max DX-3440

    Lock- on system
    360° plastic rotary handle

  • Rotary Hammer SDS Max DX-3440

    Lock- on system
    360° plastic rotary handle

Rotary Hammer SDS Max DX-3440

  • A 1200 W all-copper industrial armature and stator with resin coating
  • Equipped with 2-function modes: Hammer only, Hammer Drilling
  • SDS-Max tool chuck 
  • Lock- on system 
  • 360° plastic rotary handle
  • Equipped with anti-vibration system and air vents
  • Equipped with cable connection indicator
Rotary Hammer SDS Max

Rotary Hammer SDS Max – Description


You will not need to pay a lot to own a rotary hammer SDS Max with a powerful motor. The Dx-3440 model will be a great help. It is one of the best corded tools in the market.  

Other Features 

Due to having a powerful and durable motor and an industrial design which presents a real 1200 W power, this device is recommended for all types of industrial jobs. It includes two modes:Hammer only, Hammer Drilling which are enhanced with the help of a powerful all-metal gearbox, and a forged piston and cylinder made of high-quality alloy. As a result, the maximum no-load speed provided by the motor is 550 RPM, maximum impact rate is 2900BPM and the maximum impact energy is 20J which nothing can resist against it.

Corded Rotary Hammer – Detailed Description


Here are some of the specifications of the DX-3440 model. 


The rotary hammer SDS Max with the maximum 550 RPM no-load speed and the maximum 2900 BPM impact rate, is considered a powerful demolition tool. This powerful 1200 W motor needs a 220 V voltage and can show you how a rotary hammer works. 

Cooling system

The unique body design of the rotary hammer SDS Max, ventilates the engine air and the new heat dissipation system prevents temperature rising and improves the life of the device. 

Rotary Hammer SDS Max Cylinder

This 8.5kg rotary hammer with a high-capacity cylinder and 20J impact energy is designed for more efficiency. It is a smart motor to help the users do drilling and demolition operations in the fastest time possible. The high- quality alloy used in the cylinder makes the rotary hammer SDS Max resistant against corrosion and friction and increases the life of the device. 


It is easy! After plugging it, select one of the modes with the modes selection knob and then push the ON/Off button. If you have to work for long hours and you are worried, don’t worry! Use the lock-on trigger to work more comfortably and without any injuries. 

Torque clutch

The 1200W rotary hammer includes a safety clutch system for operator’s safety when starting it. The safety clutch system with a high torque, guarantees the user’s safety and protects the armature. 


The SDS Max drill bits and SDS chisels are of the best quality. The unique drilling system guarantees a perfect work. The 32mm chuck size can support different drilling capacities, for example maximum drilling capacity in plaster and brick is 120 mm and in concrete it is 38 mm. We have thought about your comfort in drillings, for instance the unique designed chisel rotation system helps you to adjust the drilling position Precisely. 


The features of the DX-3440 are listed below. 

Body and Case

The 8.5 kg, all- magnesium body has made the rotary hammer SDS Max a real winner. This power tool can work in hammer and hammer rotation mode simultaneously. The only thing you need is right inside a light BMC box. This rotary hammer with the newest heat dissipation system and ergonomic design is a safe electronic tool for the users. One of the most important features of this device is easy access to the grease tank for periodic service of the device.

Ergonomic design and auxiliary handle 

With an ergonomic design and a handle with rib for secure fastening we have guaranteed the operator’s comfort. The anti-shock 360° auxiliary handle with the exclusive Danlex design provides a wide range of maneuverability.

Speed control trigger

The double- layered anti-vibration system used in the 1200W rotary hammer minimizes the vibration in the wrist and prevents the user from getting tired.

Rotary Hammer SDS Max Dimmer

The rotary hammer SDS Max  is equipped with a 6-speed electric dimmer for controlling the device’s speed and a better performance while drilling or demolishing.  

Rotary Hammer SDS Max Cable

The 3-meter cable allows a better maneuverability and it conforms to the German VDE standard.

Package content

The rotary hammer SDS Max with BMC box includes a pair of brushes, an auxiliary handle with Danlex design, a depth gauge for precise scaling, 2 SDS-Plus flat and pointed chisels and grease. We have provided everything you might need in a carriable box.

Rotary Hammer SDS Max – Technical data








Chuck capacity


Drilling capacity in concrete


Drilling capacity in Plaster and brick


Impact rate

0 – 2900 BPM

Impact energy

20 Joule

No-load speed

0 – 550 RPM




2 SDS-Plus scaling and bull point chisel, a pair of spare brushes, a ruler gauge, An auxiliary handle, Grease


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