Rotary Hammer SDS-Plus DX-3530

  • A 1020 W all-copper industrial armature and stator with resin coating for more strength
  • Equipped with 3-function modes: Drilling, Hammer only, Hammer Drilling simultaneously
  • SDS-Plus tool chuck
  • 6 speed dimmer and an indicator light
  • Equipped with an anti-vibration AVC system
  • Equipped with anti-vibration system and motor cooling system
  • Includes a 4-meter high-quality cable with a German VDE

Rotary Hammer SDS-Plus – Description


The rotary hammer SDS-Plus is used for heavy duty applications like big walls and it is usually found in building sites or roads. However not all of the rotary hammers are designed for heavy duty operations.

Other Features

There are a wide range of rotary hammers available. Some of them are lighter and they can be used for domestic works like removing the wall tiles. The rotary hammer SDS-plus with a 9J impact energy and maximum 4100 BPM impact rate is designed exactly for a variety of operations. The rotary hammers are equipped with drill bits and chisels in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the project you want to tackle, choose the best chisel to complete your work.

SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer – Detailed Description


Here are some of the specifications of the DX-3530 model. 


The rotary hammer SDS-Plus offers 1020 W motor power, 4100 BPM impact rate and 9 J impact energy. For this reason, it is competent for all types of operations. Impact energy is expressed in Joules. The higher the number of joules, the more impact energy the rotary hammer produces. The ability to drill without striking, hammer drilling, impact or hammer mode is because of the existence of a powerful motor which is placed inside the drill. The armature and stator are produced by European advanced machines which conform to the European CE standard. 

Rotary hammer SDS-Plus Cylinder

The rotary hammer SDS-Plus also includes a cylinder with large capacity to offer a 9J impact energy for more efficiency. 

Rotary hammer SDS-Plus Mechanism

The rotary hammer SDS-Plus doesn’t have a complicated mechanism. After plugging it, use the mode selection knob to choose the desired mode and in the end press the ON/OFF trigger. For a safe and high-efficiency operation this rotary hammer includes a dimmer switch which helps you a lot while working. 

Safety Clutch with Torque

A no-load system clutch in rotary hammer SDS-Plus is protecting the armature which as result increases the power tool’s lifespan.

Rotary hammer SDS-Plus Chuck

The rotary hammer SDS-Plus comes with chisels and they are in different shapes and sizes like scaling chisel and tile. Depending on the project you can choose the best chisel for finishing your work. The rotary hammer SDS-Plus includes two chisels and two drill bits.  


Here you can see some of the important features of this rotary hammer. 

Body and Casing

The rotary hammer SDS-Plus is a 5.8 kg demolition tool which needs a strong tool and it is made of a special alloy. The die cast aluminum casing makes it a lightweight device and results in a normal heat dissipation. The creative dust-proof design helps to increase the device’s lifespan. The lock-on system on the switch makes working a lot easier and it protects the armature in consecutive operations. 

Ergonomic design and auxiliary handle

The compressed and optimal design with high overload resistance makes the rotary hammer SDS-Plus suitable for heavy duty works such as drilling in brick and sometimes even drilling in concrete. The energy and time consumed for any operation will reach a minimum by using this power tool. 

Anti-vibration system 

The AVS-anti-vibration system helps to decrease any vibration in rotary hammer SDS-Plus, so that the user can finish the tasks quickly and without any difficulty. 

Anti-dust switch

Anti-dust switch on the rotary hammer SDS-Plus prevents any dust from entering the motor and increases the device’s lifespan. 

Package contents 

The rotary hammer SDS-Plus is offered in a BMC box. A pack of grease, a pair of brushes, two chisels and two drill bits, a Danlex designed auxiliary handle and a depth gauge is included in the box. 

SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer – Technical Data








Impact rate

1950 – 4100 BPM

No-load speed

300 – 720 RPM




a depth gauge, a pair of spare brushes, An auxiliary handle, Grease, two chisels and two drill bits


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