SDS-Max Rotary Hammer DX-3548

  • A 1350 W all-copper industrial armature and stator with resin coating for more strength
  • Equipped with 2-function modes: Hammer only, Hammer Drilling simultaneously
  • SDS-Max tool chuck
  • 6 speed dimmer 
  • Equipped with an anti-vibration AVC system
  • Equipped with anti-vibration system and motor cooling system
  • Easy access to grease tank for periodic service

SDS-Max Rotary Hammer – Description


The SDS-Max rotary hammer is a 7.4 kg device which provides the user with a lot of power. 

Other Features

The electric rotary hammer with 1350W high-efficiency motor includes two functions simultaneously: Hammer only, Hammer Drilling. The extraordinary demolition speed system is comparable with other leading brands. The maximum 500 RPM no-load speed can stand out in the market alone. Also, it includes a scaling chisel and a bull point chisel which makes it suitable for any project.

SDS-Max Rotary Hammer – Detailed Description


We have included some of the DX-3548 specifications below.


A rotary hammer’s motor is one of the important things in choosing a device. Frequent operations, durability and high-resistance can be some of the related factors to motors. The SDS-Max rotary hammer includes two functions (Hammer only, Hammer Drilling) and its impact energy is 14J. The 1350 W industrial armature and stator of this 2-function rotary hammer are produced by advanced machines which conform to European CE standard. 

SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Cylinder

As said before, the SDS-Max rotary hammer includes two functions: Hammer only, Hammer Drilling. These functions increase with the help of an all-metal, high-resistant gearbox and a forged piston and cylinder which are made of high-quality alloy. As a result of maximum 500 RPM no-load speed and maximum 1900 BPM impact rate with a 14J impact energy nothing can resist against it. Piston moves into a cylinder and when pushing forward, it creates air pressure. So, it is actually the air pressure that drives the hammer mechanism.

SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Mechanism 

Working with this 2-function rotary hammer makes any complicated task easy. Choose the suitable chisel and select the desired function with the mode selection knob, then finally press the knob with full force. If the speed and power of the hammer and drilling is too high or too low, use the dimmer switch to increase or decrease the rotation speed.

Torque clutch

The SDS-Max rotary hammer includes an overload safety clutch system which can protect the armature and guarantee the safety of the tool. The speed and power of this heavy tool is the direct result of 500RPM no-load speed and 1900 BPM impact rate. The extraordinary impact rate of this tool is comparable with known brands in its level. So, you will have the maximum efficiency. 


This electric tool includes a SDS-max drill bit with 48 mm chuck size capacity in concrete which the drill bit can be fastened tightly for better performance. It also includes a unique chisel rotation system for adjusting hammer positions. The maximum accuracy you can experience! 


Here are some of the features of the SDS-Max Rotary Hammer which we have mentioned below.

Body and Case

The diecast magnesium casing makes the SDS-Max rotary hammer a lightweight device. The motor heat spreads very well and it also increases the strength of the body. As mentioned before, as a 7.4 kg device, it is not a heavy device, so holding it won’t be a challenge. 

Auxiliary handle 

The soft and wide auxiliary handle of SDS-Max rotary hammer can reduce the fatigue which is the result of long hours working. It also plays an important role in choosing it. This 2-function rotary hammer is equipped with a 360° anti-shock auxiliary handle which provides a wide range of space for motion along with operator comfort.

Anti-vibration system

The anti-vibration system used in the 2-function rotary hammer reduces hand fatigue and improves efficiency while working.

SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Dimmer

This power tool is equipped with a 6-speed electric dimmer for controlling the device’s speed and a better performance while drilling or demolishing.

SDS-Max Rotary Hammer – Technical Data










Chuck capacity


Drilling capacity in concrete


No-load speed

250 – 500 RPM

Impact rate

1900 – 3000 BPM

Impact energy

14 Joule




2 SDS-Plus scaling and bull point chisel, An auxiliary handle, Grease


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