Corded Angle Grinder DX-2327

  • All industrial, all-copper 2800 W armature and stator
  • Equipped with an ergonomic auxiliary handle
  • Equipped with an industrial gearbox
  • Equipped with a uniform airflow circulation system in motor
  • Equipped with a dust-proof switch
  • Dust-proof ball bearing
  • Equipped with a 4 m cable which follows the German VDE standard
  • Equipped with a spindle-lock for easy disc changing
  • Soft start switch to guarantee the safety
  • Easy and fast brush change mechanism

Corded Angle Grinder – Description


As a professional contractor who handles many construction and remodeling projects, you need a powerful 2800 W angle grinder to cut stones and strong materials. This corded angle grinder can perform industrial and heavy-duty operations. Stones and granites are very tough and strong materials and you need a lot of power to cut them and this power tool is produced for this target. 

Other Features

The 6500 RPM no-load speed is able to rotate the 230 mm disc and cut the toughest stones. It is equipped with a dust-proof ball bearing to increase durability. The 4 m cable follows the German VDE standard and is the best choice for the operator’s maneuverability. 

The cooling system cools the motor using the direct air. This angle grinder is suitable for heavy-duty works and has an amazing performance in cutting all of the stones, granites and stone cutting. Power, control and comfort are all gathered in just one device to meet your needs. 

Corded Angle Grinder – Detailed Description


The DX-2327 model includes some specifications that we mention below. 

Motor and Gearbox 

The all-industrial armature and stator of the 2800 W motor are produced by ultra-advanced machines which follow the European CE standard. 

Ball bearing 

The built-in ball bearings in gears are dust-proof which guarantee the long lifespan of the motor.


The calcium sulfonate grease used in the gears are of high-quality which make the device smooth and improves its performance. 


The graphite brush used in the corded angle grinder helps to the lifespan of the device as well as the high-efficiency. Moreover, this device is equipped with a fast and easy brush mechanism. 

The cooling system 

Stone and Granite cutting is very heavy and needs a lot of strength, and a lot of heat is produced in this process. If the heat doesn’t dissipate, it can harm the motor and inner parts of the corded angle grinder. To solve this issue, it is equipped with an external air flow system which cools the motor to prevent other injuries. It also provides a more reliable performance when there is overload. 


The corded angle grinder includes some features that we have stated below. 

Auxiliary handle 

To cut a wide range of granite, power and control are needed at same time. For great control during working an auxiliary handle is designed by the creative design engineers. This auxiliary handles speed-ups working in different angles and improves comfort and control. This auxiliary handle decreases user fatigue. 


When working with granite there’s a lot of dust in the work environment. To decrease dust and ensure the corded angle grinder’s durability, it is equipped with a dust-proof switch. 


One of the other features which allows the user to work in different angles, is the quick replacement of disk guard. There’s a spindle-lock installed on the corded angle grinder’s body along with a safety mechanism. 

The disc used in this device is 230 mm which is the biggest diameter that can be used for an angle grinder because tough materials need a high cutting surface. 


The 4 m cable allows better maneuverability in the work environment. Moreover, it conforms to the German VDE standard and it is not easy to damage it so it won’t need changing. 


The corded angle grinder is offered by a wrench, a pair of brushes for change and an auxiliary handle.

Corded Angle Grinder – Technical data








Disc diameter


No-load speed

6500 RPM



Cable Length



a pair of brushes, a wrench, An auxiliary handle

3 reviews for Angle Grinder 230mm 2800W DX-2327

  1. Jeff Lackey

    It is a badass grinder.

  2. Justine Wi

    It is a real machine.

  3. Nick Henrdeson

    Very powerful and it is really suitable for a construction site.

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