Electric Drill 6.5mm DX-1135

  • Includes a 350W industrial armature and stator with all-copper structure
  • Dust-proof trigger with speed control switch for user convenience
  • Forward/reverse rotation function capability to turn all types of screws
  • Anti-wear gears to increase strength in consecutive drilling
  • 6.5 mm keyless chuck system
  • Lock-on system for consecutive drilling operations
  • Ergonomic body design for user comfort in drilling
  • High-quality grease for a longer tool life of metal parts
  • Lightweight for user’s comfort and maneuverability in consecutive drilling
  • Soft and thick cable which conforms to German VDE standard

Electric drill 6.5mm – Description


Electric drill 6.5mm is among the standard Danlex electric drills category. This corded drill can drill in metals, wood, and plastic. The motor with 350 W power allows the user to drill in hard metals.

Also, the lightweight provides a higher maneuverability and reduces fatigue in consecutive drilling. The electric drill 6.5mm 350W uses a speed control trigger with anti-dust capability, which, together with the lock-on system, can increase the life and the device’s working efficiency.

This electric drill with keyless chuck systems, speed control system, and forward/reverse rotation system is a suitable option for screwing operations. It can be used as a corded screwdriver.

Other features

Other features of the corded drill include anti-wear gears in the actuator part of the device, making it easy to drill consecutively. The calcium sulfonate-based grease reduces the corrosion of metal components over a long period. The 3-meter cable conforms with the German VDF standard. 

Overall, this electric tool is a suitable tool for a range of applications on metal, wood, and plastic, which with the lightweight and fully ergonomic body, it will have the best performance in light drilling types.

Electric drill 6.5mm – Detailed Description


Below you can see some of the main features of the DX-1135.


The motor of the electric drill 6.5mm consists of an all- copper armature and stator. They are made by coil winding machines under the European CE license. The coil structure of the electric drill 6.5mm 350W is made of polyester and resin rock which protects the coil winding against outer elements such as gravel.

The main feature of this material is reducing the motor temperature over a long period and increasing the working efficiency of the power drill.

Cooling System

The electric drill 6.5mm includes a uniform air circulation system throughout the motor. This system consists of rotors and air vents. The motor draws in the air through the rotors and cools the motor surface of the device. This feature increases the working efficiency and life of the device. 

Electric Drill 6.5mm Gear

The gears are the main drivers of power transmission from the motor to the drill. The gears increase the torque and stabilize the device’s power. The anti-wear gears include an alloy in their structure which reduces corrosion in the gear section. It also increases the power of drilling, including drilling in wood and metals.

Electric Drill 6.5mm Brush

A Brush is one of the main components to increase the life of the corded drills. The brush used in this keyless drill is a graphite oil brush with a soft and robust structure that reduces the pressure on the motor, thus causing the electric drill 6.5mm to operate without a spark.

Electric Drill 6.5mm Grease

The calcium-sulfonate based grease used in electric drill 6.5mm, is suitable for gears and ball bearings of power tools. This grease has more effect on mechanical components than lithium-based greases and the grease inside the device will not disappear due to its long-lasting function.


The electric drill 6.5mm is equipped with a keyless chuck system. After installing the drill bit into the chuck, the user can easily open or close the chuck by hand and perform drilling operations. It can accommodate drill bits up to 6.5 mm in size. Anti-wear gears and shots are used in the structure of this drill chuck which increase the life of it.  


The electric drill 6.5mm includes some features like any other drills in the electric drill category. Below we have mentioned some of those features.

Speed Control Trigger

The electric drill 6.5mm has a speed control switch, which consists of dust-proof plates that prevent the key from being damaged in a short period. The speed control trigger on Danlex keyless corded drill consists of dust-proof plates which prevent the key from being damaged in a short period.

The user activates the slow speed with a light pressure, while heavy pressure will produce an increased speed. Robust springs used in the structure of this trigger prevent damage in the long run.

Electric Drill 6.5mm Ergonomic Design

It is a lightweight power drill and due to its ergonomic design the user can perform continuous and long drilling operations comfortably and will not feel fatigue.The body of the electric drill 6.5mm is made of integrated plastic which protects the shell against severe impacts. 

Electric Drill 6.5mm 350W Cable

The soft and flexible cable allows the user to maneuver better. The thread used in the structure of wires makes the cable strong and resistant to external elements. These features have made the cable conform to the German VDE standard. 

Corded Screwdriver

Special features of the electric drill 6.5mm 350W, including anti-wear gears, keyless chuck systems, speed control trigger, forward/reverse rotation system, and being lightweight, make this device suitable to be used as a corded screwdriver.

Electric drill 6.5mm – Technical data










Drilling capacity in wood


Drilling capacity in steel


No-load speed

0-4000 RPM




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