Pressure Washer 1800W DX-9614i

  • Equipped with a powerful 1800 W motor with the ability of electromagnetic induction
  • Equipped with a turbo lance to create uniform water pressure and regular spraying
  • Equipped with an adjustable telescopic lance
  • Equipped with an automatic detergent tank 
  • Equipped with a thermal sensor to avoid overheating and damaging the motor
  • Equipped with an auto stop system
  • Strong and durable body with a unique and ergonomic design

Pressure Washer 1800W – Description


The pressure washer 1800w provides you with perfect cleanliness and saves money and water simultaneously. 

Other Features

Do you think about cleaning the outdoors? Are tired of contractors’ costs for washing the house façade or yard? You care about the environment and nature but you want everything to be without any dust? Considering all things this pressure washer is a powerful device for heavy and industrial applications.  

Pressure Washer 1800W – Detailed Description


The DX-9614i model specifications are included below. 


The pressure washer 1800w generates a maximum 6.2 litre/min flow rate that is suitable for cleaning different surfaces. The electromagnetic induction motor with high efficiency guarantees a long lifespan, lower noise level, and higher quality water spray. This powerful motor is protected with two creative and advanced built-in systems. 

Turbo lance and Telescopic lance 

To perform a wide range of applications, this device includes two different lances. The turbo lance is used for high-pressure cleaning and the adjustable telescopic lance is suitable for light-duty applications. 

Pressure Washer 1800w Body 

The pressure washer 1800w with 10.5 kg weight is among the medium light devices and with the two wheels installed under the device, it is easy to carry it. Besides, the auxiliary handle helps you to move easily in the work environment. 


The built-in thermal protector, motor auto stop system, 8 m hose, and other features are included below. 

47.4m Hose

The pressure washer 1800w consists of a 47.4 m high-pressure hose made of the best PVC in the industry. The high-quality material prevents hose damage under water pressure and guarantees durability and efficiency. The length of the hose allows the users to turn around without moving the device. 

Hose connector 

The pressure washer 1800w hose connector makes your work easier and faster because it facilitates the process of connecting or disconnecting the hose to the device. To protect the pump the stainless steel piston removes the dirt stuck in the nozzle. 

Hose reel 

To offer more comfort, this pressure washer contains a built-in reel to store the hose on the pressure washer. 

Hose Components

To spray water in different conditions, the pipe contains an adjustable lance and 3 different nozzles which are produced by high-quality materials and allow you to control the spraying angle for different tasks.

Built-in thermal protector 

The built-in thermal protector is responsible to control the motor temperature during prolonged hours of working with the pressure washer 1800w. When the motor overheats, this thermal sensor turns off the motor to prevent further damage caused by high heat.

Auto Stop System

To protect the motor during continuous applications and also to save energy, the pressure washer 1800w is equipped with an auto stop system that automatically turns off the pump if the power switch is not engaged. 

Detergent Tank 

The built-in detergent tank is provided with this device for more cleaning power and less cleaning time.

Pressure Washer 1800w Accessories 

The pressure washer comes along with an ergonomically designed spray gun, a turbo lance, an adjustable telescopic lance, a 5 m high-pressure hose pipe with +A quality, and a 1.2-inch connector.

Pressure Washer 1800W – Technical data








Maximum Pressure

135 bar

Rated pressure

6.7 bar

Flow rate

6 Litre/min

Max. flow rate

7.5 Litre/min

Maximum inlet pressure

0.7 bar

IP class


IP Rating





a 1.2 Inch connector, a 5m high-pressure hose pipe, a spray gun, a turbo lance, separate foam cannon


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