Mini Angle Grinder 1500w DX-2115

  • Industrial and all copper armature and stator with epoxy resin
  • Anti-wear gears in gearbox
  • Easy and fast disc change mechanism
  • Equipped with a spindle-lock
  • Equipped with a lock-switch in prolonged cuttings
  • Equipped with a guard for user safety
  • Equipped with a strong 4 m cable that follows German VDE standard

Mini Angle Grinder 1500W – Description


Professionals know that every special work needs a special tool and they all love a tool that can offer more than one function. This is why the long neck mini angle grinder 1500w is a great tool for professionals and specialists. 

Other Features

With a strong 1500 W motor it can provide 8500 RPM no-load speed. To create a comfortable experience while working with this tool, it is designed ergonomically to decrease fatigue and harm to the operator. The direct airflow cooling system, easy brush replacement mechanism and the dust-proof switch are all other features of the long neck tool.

Mini Angle Grinder 1500W – Detailed Description


The DX-2115 model specifications are listed below.

Motor and Gearbox 

The long neck mini angle grinder 1500w is equipped with a really powerful motor. It can provide 8500 RPM no-load speed and is used for a wide range of applications including polishing to cutting in different construction sites. The all-copper armature and stator is equipped with an epoxy resin coating which is produced according to the European CE standard. 

The cooling system 

As all the specialists may have experienced when working with electric tools, they heat up during heavy-duty applications and this may lower the function. To prevent damage and protect the motor of a mini angle grinder 1500w, it includes a direct airflow system to cool the key components during overload conditions.

Brush replacement system 

The mini angle grinder 1500w also includes a fast and easy brush replacement mechanism which allows the user to save energy and effort. 

Mini Angle Grinder 1500w Feature 

Some of the features of the mini angle grinder are mentioned below.

Ergonomic Design

To work for longer hours, the tool should be ergonomically designed. We provide excellent work experience by designing Danlex products according to ergonomic principles. 

Auxiliary handle 

The auxiliary handle decreases fatigue which is also impact-proof and improves performance.

Dust-proof Switch

Dust is a usual issue in a construction site. To decrease the damages resulting from the dust, it is equipped with a dust-proof switch. This switch decreases dust penetration and guarantees the device durability and increases its lifespan.  

Guard or Disc Guard 

To guarantee the user safety, a disc guard is placed on the mini angle grinder 1500w to protect the operator. Users can change the disc guard position quickly and without effort to work in different angles. 

Mini Angle Grinder 1500w Spindle-lock

To perform a wide range of works you will need different discs. The new lock-spindle with safety mechanism speeds-up disc changing which makes working faster and safer. 

Disc or Wheel 

A 115 mm disc is used in the mini angle grinder 1500w.


A pair of brushes, a wrench and an auxiliary handle is provided along the tool.

Mini Angle Grinder 1500W – Technical data








Disc diameter


No-load speed

8500 RPM



Cable Length



a pair of brushes, a wrench, An auxiliary handle


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