Variable-Speed Mini-Angle Grinder DX-2340

  • 1200 W industrial and all copper armature and stator with epoxy resin coating
  • Dust-proof ball bearings and anti-wear gears in gearbox
  • High-quality grease 
  • Equipped with a spindle-lock and a lock-switch 
  • Easy and fast disc change mechanism and easy brush replacement
  • Equipped with a guard for user safety
  • Equipped with a strong 4 m cable that follows German VDE standard

Variable-Speed Mini-Angle Grinder – Description


If you need help for cutting or polishing, the variable-speed mini-angle grinder is the thing you need. This small and compact tool is suitable to perform difficult tasks but the 1200 W motor makes it enough for finishing the work fast.

Other Features

The ergonomic design and slim body provide comfort in different workspaces. Also, the ergonomic side handle minimizes the vibration and fatigue. When working with a mini grinder, hands are heavy and tired, so the 3 kg weight is one of the good features. Most of the users complain about the dust in the workspace. That is when the advanced motor cooling system helps you.

Variable-Speed Mini-Angle Grinder – Detailed Description


The DX-2340 model specifications are mentioned below.

Motor and Gearbox

This device is equipped with a powerful and really useful 1200 W motor which can provide a 11000 RPM no-load speed. The armature and stator of the variable-speed mini-angle grinder is produced by advanced machines and according to the European CE standard. It is worth mentioning that the armature and stator are all copper and to increase the durability and lifespan it is covered with an epoxy resin coating. 

The cooling system 

The 1200 W powerful motor includes a direct airflow system which cools the motor and increases the device’s lifespan. This system includes some air vents on the body of the variable-speed mini-angle grinder which lets the outside air in and cools it. 

Easy brush replacement system 

The variable-speed mini-angle grinder includes a fast and easy brush replacement system.  The high-quality brush used in this device increases the lifespan. 

Variable-Speed Mini-Angle Grinder Features

Here are some features of this mini angle grinder. 

Body and Casing

As the name implies, the variable-speed mini-angle grinder is a lightweight tool that only weighs 3 kg. The light, ergonomic and slim body helps you to perform more easily. 

The auxiliary handle 

The mini angle grinder includes an impact-proof auxiliary handle which minimizes vibration and allows continuous work with less fatigue. 

Dust-proof switch

Hand fatigue and being heavy are not the only problems in the work environment. Most of the users deal with the dust and sometimes it damages the built-in components. To prevent this problem and ensure its durability, it is equipped with a dust-proof switch to keep the variable-speed mini-angle grinder safe.

Guard or Disc Guard

To keep the operator safe, the variable-speed mini-angle grinder includes a disc guard which protects the user against debris and spark. Changing the disc allows the user to set the guard in different angles to provide you with a safe and fast performance.  

Variable-Speed Mini-Angle Grinder Cable 

The mini angle grinder includes a 4 m cable to provide the user with better access. This cable conforms to the German VDE standard and is produced by European machines.


This mini angle grinder includes a pair of brushes, a wrench and an auxiliary handle.

Variable-Speed Mini-Angle Grinder – Technical data








Disc diameter


No-load speed

11000 RPM



Cable Length



a pair of brushes, a wrench, An auxiliary handle

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  1. Eddy Miere

    I am so happy to finally purchase this mini grinder and really excited to use it.

  2. Dale Badger

    I am in love with it can say how much I love it.

  3. Kenneth

    Nice little grinder.

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