Electric Mini Angle Grinder DX-2375

  • 750 W industrial and all copper armature and stator
  • Resin coating to prevent damage to the armature and stator 
  • Anti-wear gears in the gearbox part
  • High-quality grease 
  • Dust-proof ball bearing
  • Air vents on the body for motor cooling
  • Equipped with a filter to prevent dust penetration 
  • Equipped with a spindle-lock for easy disc changing
  • Equipped with a lock-switch to use in prolonged applications
  • Equipped with an easy brush change system
  • An auxiliary handle with rubber coating
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Easy and fast disc change mechanism
  • Equipped with a guard for user safety
  • Equipped with a 3 m cable which conforms to the German VDE standard

Electric Mini Angle Grinder – Description


The electric mini angle grinder is widely used for polishing all kinds of metals. There are different kinds of light angle grinders but this 750 W mini angle grinder is a suitable option for you. The most important fact to choose this mini angle grinder is its 750 W powerful motor. 

Other Features 

This mini angle grinder with its powerful 750 W motor has a maximum 11000 RPM no-load speed and it only weighs 2 kg. The ergonomic design along with the side handle allows the user to work comfortably and without fatigue. 

The advanced cooling system prevents overheating and damage to the device. Maximum 115 mm wheel diameter is designed for this model. The simplest and most affordable way for metal and tile cutting and sharpening the blades is possible with this tool. If you don’t know why this mini grinder is suitable for your work continue reading. 

Electric Mini Angle Grinder – Detailed Description


Here are some of the specifications of the DX-2375 model. 

Motor and Gearbox

The most important factor in choosing an electric mini angle grinder is its powerful motor. The 750 W motor consists of an all-copper armature and stator which are produced by European CE standard. 


The high-quality grease used in the gears makes ball bearings and the electric mini angle grinder smooth.  

The cooling system 

The cooling system installed in the lightweight electric mini angle grinder keeps the motor cool and increases the devices lifespan. The air enters the device through the air vents on the body and decreases the heat during prolonged applications. 

Electric Mini Angle Grinder Features 

Some features of the device are included here which are mentioned here. 

Body and Casing

The short neck electric mini angle grinder is light but powerful. The light body and ergonomic design offer comfort while working and decrease fatigue.

Auxiliary handle 

The auxiliary handle of the electric mini angle grinder prevents fatigue and allows the user to work in different angles. 

Guard or Disc Guard

The wheel guard protects the user from sparks and debris during grinding as well as from broken fragments if the grinding wheel fails. 

Wheel Diameter 

A 115 mm diameter disc can be used in the electric mini angle grinder and is very useful for all kinds of cutting and grinding. 

Electric Mini Angle Grinder Cable 

The 4-meter cable allows better maneuverability in work spaces and it conforms to the German VDE standard.  


There’s a wrench, a side handle and a pair of spare brushes for changing in the box. 

Electric Mini Angle Grinder – Technical data








Disc diameter


No-load speed

11000 RPM



Cable Length



a pair of brushes, a wrench, An auxiliary handle

3 reviews for Mini Angle Grinder 115mm 750W DX-2375

  1. Danny K

    Used it on some decorating chores around the house and I loved it.

  2. Jerry Arelis

    Another good Danlex product.

  3. Jim Stener

    It’s my new electric toy, can’t say how thrilled I am.

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