Mini Grinder 115mm DX-2395

  • 950 W industrial and all copper armature and stator
  • Resin coating on the armature and stator 
  • Anti-wear gears 
  • High-quality grease 
  • Dust-proof ball bearings
  • Air vents for suitable inner air circulation
  • Equipped with a filter to prevent dust penetration 
  • Equipped with a spindle-lock
  • Equipped with a lock-switch in prolonged cuttings
  • Equipped with an easy brush change system
  • An auxiliary handle with rubber coating
  • Ergonomic design of the body for more comfort while working
  • Easy and fast disc change mechanism
  • Equipped with a guard for user safety
  • Equipped with a strong 4 m cable that follows German VDE standard

Mini Grinder 115mm – Description


You can cut or grind with the mini grinder 115mm. It is a tool for professionals to overcome obstacles. The powerful 950 W motor works with 11000 RPM no-load speed, and it is equipped with a 115 mm disc. 

Other features of this tool include ergonomic main and side handle, disc guard and industrial cooling system. 

Other Features

Light body and ergonomic design make it suitable for all kinds of applications. The combination of speed, power, elegance and performance creates magic. The advanced cooling system prevents motor overheating. The auxiliary handle allows a better maneuverability and the spindle-lock allows easy and fast disc change. Mini Grinder 115 mm

Professionals deserve the best and it is what you experience with Danlex. If you are looking for a mini angle grinder. It is probably what you are looking for. Practical, light and of excellent quality.

Mini Grinder 115mm – Detailed Description


The DX-2395 includes some specifications that we describe below. 

Motor and Gearbox

The mini grinder 115mm is powered by a powerful 950 w motor. This powerful motor uses 220V electricity to drive the spindle at 11,000RPM with all-metal gears. These gears are made of high-quality materials to guarantee long years of usage. The mechanism is simple yet functional to cover all the needs. The high power and speed produced by this tool are considered efficient for performing all kinds of cutting, grinding and polishing operations. All-copper windings used in the gearbox are produced by ultra-advanced machines and according to the European CE standard. 

The cooling system

To overcome the heating problems in Danlex tools, the mini grinder 115mm is equipped with an airflow cooling system to keep the motor in prolonged applications.


Here are some of the other features of the mini grinder 115mm


The spindle-lock mechanism in mini grinder 115mm is fully functional. Choose the right disc according to the work and put on a spindle. Then use the lock-switch to secure it in place, now you are ready. But wait! First safety. A wheel guard will protect you from sparks and debris during grinding. To perform this, there’s a wrench to fasten or unfasten the pin.  

Body and Casing 

The mini grinder 115mm, like all the Danlex tools, has an ergonomic design. You don’t need to be stressed because like other Danlex products it also follows ergonomic principles. The short neck makes it easy to hold and helps the operator to move his hands along the handle to prevent fatigue. It is a lightweight mini grinder which makes prolonged operations easy and possible. The diecast aluminum casing in the spindle part helps the heat dissipation and guarantees strength. Make sure to not close the rear air vents to have a better performance while working. 

Mini Grinder 115mm Keys 

The dust-proof switch on the right helps you keep the tool on while working. The spindle-lock above, locks the spindle and holds it in place to easily change the disc. 

Mini Grinder 115mm Cable 

The 4-meter cord follows the German VDE standard so you won’t need to change it. 


The mini grinder 115mm comes with an auxiliary handle, a pair of brushes and a wrench.

Mini Grinder 115mm – Technical data








Disc diameter


No-load speed

11000 RPM



Cable Length



a pair of brushes, a wrench, An auxiliary handle

3 reviews for Mini Angle Grinder 115mm 950W DX-2395

  1. Jay Mila

    A must have item in the workshop.

  2. Milan Hammer

    Small and light but very strong.

  3. George

    It met my expectations.

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