Corded Rotary Hammer DX-3215

  • A 1500 W all-copper industrial armature and stator with resin coating
  • Equipped with 3-function modes: Hammer only, Hammer Drilling, Chisel position adjustment
  • SDS-plus tool chuck 
  • Lock- on system
  • 360 rotary Plastic handle
  • Equipped with anti-vibration system and air vents

Corded Rotary Hammer – Description


If you think you can do drillings on wood, metal or concrete without the SDS plus Rotary Hammer, well, think again. The 1500W rotary hammer with 28 mm chuck size is one of the most useful devices on the market. It is an electric tool with high performance that can complete heavy tasks like demolishing concrete, metal or wood walls. 

Other Features

The ergonomic and compact design of the body and handles has made the corded rotary hammer a suitable device for a variety of drilling and hammering applications. An airflow system to prevent the overheating of the body and also, an anti-vibration system is included. A universal 1500 W motor makes a 5J impact energy which is adequate for demolishing and drilling in any material. If you are looking for a power tool that helps you in long hour operations, this 1500W rotary hammer is the best corded tool you can buy.

Corded Rotary Hammer – Detailed Description


Below we have mentioned some of the DX-3215 specifications below. 


The corded rotary hammer is equipped with a 1500W motor with durability and high efficiency that can be used in 3 modes: Hammer only, Hammer Drilling, Chisel position adjustment. There are other features that together make the best harmony. The resin coating in the all- copper industrial armature and stator provides a high strength. The hammer drilling is all about the motor power which makes it the most important part. A rotor/stator motor is exactly what this rotary hammer needs to fully convert 220 volts of electricity into 5J of energy to produce 4100 BPM impact rate and 870 RPM no-load rotation speed. 

Safety clutch

The overload safety clutch can protect the amateurs against injuries if the components get jammed. The industrial 1500 W armature and stator are produced by advanced technology machines, according to the European CE standard. It is worth mentioning that the special grease guarantees more efficiency and durability. 

 Corded rotary hammer Cylinder

The high-quality alloy used in the cylinder makes it resistant against corrosion and friction. The 5J impact energy is the result of the hammer mechanism with industrial design. The maximum 4100 BPM impact rate, the maximum 870 RPM no-load rotation speed, and the strong 28 mm SDS-Plus drill bit are other features of the corded rotary hammer.

Cooling System

The cooling system helps to keep the motor cool and to deal with extra heat. It also increases the device’s life.


The 28 mm SDS-Plus chuck is one of the reasons that has turned this corded rotary hammer into a powerful electric tool which can be used everywhere. This metal chuck includes a unique rotation system for adjusting the hammer place and it can handle strong impacts. The maximum drilling capacity in wood is 40 mm, in concrete it is 28 mm and in metal it is 13 mm. with this rotary hammer comes 3 drill bits and 2 SDS-Plus flat and pointed chisels.


We have mentioned some of the other features of the corded rotary hammer below.

 Corded rotary hammer Case

The design of this corded rotary hammer is considered smart and practical. The die cast magnesium casing is lightweight and strong. It also makes heat dissipation possible. 

Auxiliary handle 

The 360° auxiliary Danlex-design handle makes movement with the tool very easier. The double layer anti-vibration on the main handle dynamically resists against the impacts and prevents wrist injury. The soft and wide plastic grips reduce fatigue in long hours applications. 

Speed control trigger

The 1500W rotary hammer includes a speed control trigger which helps you in speed and power control. This feature is one of the reasons for choosing this 3-function rotary hammer. 

 Corded rotary hammer Dimmer 

The corded rotary hammer is equipped with an electronic dimmer to control the speed and performance of the device in drilling and demolition applications. 

Red Light Indicator

There is a red light indicator on the right side of the body which notifies you when the cable is damaged. 

 Corded rotary hammer Cable

The 3-meter cable of this corded rotary hammer conforms to the German VDE standard. 

Package content

This rotary hammer with BMC box includes a pair of brushes, an auxiliary handle with Danlex design, 3 drill bits, 2 SDS-Plus flat and pointed chisel.

Corded Rotary Hammer – Technical data








Chuck capacity


Drilling capacity in wood


Drilling capacity in steel


Drilling capacity in concrete


Impact rate

0 – 4100 BPM

Impact energy

5 Joule

No-load speed

0 – 870 RPM




2 SDS-Plus scaling and bull point chisel, 3 drill bits, a pair of spare brushes, An auxiliary handle


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