670W Electric Blower DX-9268

  • Equipped with a powerful 680 W motor for industrial and domestic use
  • A spiral rotor to increase the blowing performance 
  • Equipped with a dust-proof switch with variable-speed control dial
  • Includes a brush cap on the body of the device for easy changing
  • Flexible tube and a collection bag 
  • Antiperspirant handle 
  • Blow-suction capability

Electric Blower – Description


The electric blower is an amazing power tool which is designed for blow and suction. If you want your workplace to be clean and tidy, this electric tool with its 680 W motor can do all the work. 

Other Features

This tool is actually two tools in one device so that you can have both the suction and the blower together without any problems. With a 680 W motor, 4.1 cubic meters per minute air flow capacity,2.5 cubic meters per minute suction capacity, 16000 RPM no-load speed, the 670W electric blower is a great choice for cleaning different environments.

Electric Blower – Detailed Description


Blowers are tools or equipment which with the passing of air over the rotors, increase the air speed. The DX-9268 model is a durable and efficient device which saves time and effort in cleaning and dedusting. 


The 670W electric blower is a simple power tool which is used in houses and industries to remove dust. Besides, for devices and electric devices which have delicate components and can’t be cleaned with cloth is very useful. 


The electric blower includes a powerful 680 W motor which works with 220 voltages of electricity. This motor provides a significant amount of air power for blowing and suction functions that can convert the air quickly. The 16000 RPM no-load speed is one of the amazing features of the device which has made this 680 W industrial blower into a fast and incredible electric tool


After turning on the electric blower, choose the suitable mode and start working. A rotor in the center of the air blower, sucks the air and creates a spiral air flow. As a result, it makes a dynamic pressure which leads the air into a curved route and then it exits the blower. 


The electric blower with its 680 W motor and 4.1 cubic meters per minute air flow capacity includes some features that we have mentioned below. 

The cooling system 

The fan blades and the heat dissipation system in the electric blower are designed to increase the device’s lifespan. 


The 670W electric blower is a 3 kg industrial blower which is light and strong. Because of the sharp design you can use it in any environment.  

Ergonomic design 

The antiperspirant handle and the light body of the electric blower are two features that Danlex has designed for the comfort of the users. 

Variable-speed control dial

The dimmer switch provides the user with 6 different speeds to match all kinds of work.

Lock-on pin

For continuous work, a lock-on pin is placed on this electric tool to reduce fatigue. 

Collection bag

When you are working on suction mode, instead of expelling air, the nozzle sucks the air in along with the dust and leaves which collects them inside a bag that is connected to the device. 


The electric blower is provided with a collection bag.

Electric Blower – Technical data








No-load speed

16000 RPM



Cable Length



6 nozzles, a strong BMC box


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