Impact Drill 500W DX-1150

  • Equipped with a 500 W industrial all-copper armature and stator
  • dust-proof speed control switch (dimmer)
  • double gear capability to increase strength in drilling in hard metals
  • Ability to forward/reverse rotation to tighten all types of screws
  • Anti-wear gear in the gearbox to increase the lifetime
  • Equipped with a 10 mm keyless chuck system for easy drill replacement
  • Equipped with a lock-on system for consecutive drilling
  • Ergonomic body design for user comfort in various holes
  • Using a quality grease for longer life of gearbox gears
  • Lightweight for greater comfort and maneuverability in consecutive drilling
  • Soft and thick cable which conforms to German VDE standard

Impact drill 500W – Description


The impact drill 500W  is in the category of Danlex electric drills. The 10mm impact drill 500W can drill in wood, plastic, and various metals. The motor of this device is made of an all-copper, all industrial armature and stator. 

The unique feature of this gearbox drill, which differs from other brands, is its ability to be double gear. This feature can provide the user with 1600 RPM no-load speed and 500 W power which gives the best performance with the least error, in precise drillings on hard metal.

Have the best performance with the slightest error. It’s a very lightweight device which offers higher maneuverability to the user. 

Also, the gearbox of this power drill has gears with the anti-wear feature. The trigger of this device has a dimmer, which can provide the user with the minimum and maximum speed. 

It also has a forward/reverse system for tightening screws. The chuck of this corded drill is keyless, and the user can easily install all kinds of screwdrivers and drill bits up to 10 mm in size. 

The 3-meter cable used in this device conforms to the German VDE standard.

The grease used in this electric drill is a calcium-based type suitable for

mechanical parts (gears). This grease helps the gearbox improve and increases the device’s operating efficiency.

In total, this device  is a suitable tool with the ability to drill in a variety of metals, wood, and plastic, which with lightweight, ergonomic design and 2 gear capability, can have the best performance in drilling.

Impact drill 500W – Detailed Description


The specifications of the DX-1150 model are counted below. 


The motor of this impact drill is equipped with an armature and an industrial stator with a 500 W power. The armature and stator of this impact drill 500W  was provided by coil winding machines under the European CE license. Materials such as polyester or resin are used to protect these parts on the armature winding and impact drill’s stator. The resin protects the winding to prevent damage to the copper wires of the 10mm impact drill 500W. It also contains the coil’s temperature and prevents the armature and stator from burning in long operation and for an extended period.

Impact Drill 500W Gearbox

The impact drill 500W  is known as an impact drill. The gearbox is a set of gears that doubles the device’s power. The maximum rotation speed of this machine is 1600 RPM, which helps the user to have the best performance for precise drilling and even in turning the screws.

Double gear

The double gear feature of the impact drill 500W  uses high-thickness slim gears to reduce weight, which can assist the user in precise drilling. The use of a high-quality alloy in the gear’s structure has heightened the resistance of the gears against the pressure and power transmission.


The impact drill 500W has a calcium sulfonate based grease. This grease helps to increase the lifetime of mechanical parts and it can stay on mechanical components for a long time and not be destroyed.

Impact Drill 500W Brush

A brush is one of the main components in electric tools, especially electric drills. The 10mm impact drill 500W device uses soft brushes made of oily graphite, which puts the slightest pressure on the machine’s armature and it makes the performance better.

Internal cooling system

The impact drill 500W  has a uniform air circulation system. This system consists of impellers and air vents which cool the motor and increase the device’s lifetime by circulating the impeller and passing air in the upper and lower parts of the motor.


The impact drill 500W  has a 10 mm keyless chuck system for user convenience. Keyless drills can be adjusted manually and do not need a wrench to install the bit and tighten the chuck, and the user can quickly and firmly tighten the chuck systems with hand pressure.

In the structure of the chuck systems of the 10mm impact drill 500W are anti-wear balls and gears, which do not suffer from problems and breakdowns over a long period and too much use of the device.


The 10mm impact drill 500W includes some features that below we have counted some of them. 

Ergonomic design

One of the features that many craftsmen are looking for is the lightweight and ergonomic design of the tool. The body of this impact drill 500W is designed so the user can continue drilling for a long time and it also reduces fatigue.

Trigger with dimmer

This impact drill 500W is equipped with a switch that can change speed. So that the user can control the speed required for drilling or screwing, this key uses dust-proof plates which in the long-term you can have the best performance of the device.

Electric screwdriver

The impact drill 500W  includes keyless chuck systems, double gear feature, dimmer switch, forward/reverse system, and it is lightweight which can be a good option for people who want to use this device as an electric screwdriver.


The cable of the device is flexible and soft which helps the user to a better maneuverability. Thread is used in the wire structure of this electric drill which makes the cable strong and resistant to external damages. These characteristics have made the cable of this device conform to German VDE standards.

Impact drill 500W – Technical data










Drilling capacity in wood


Drilling capacity in steel


No-load speed

0 – 1800 RPM



Cable Length


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