Hammer drill, 710W, 13 mm keyed chuck DX-1171
  • Hammer Drill 710W DX-1171

    Dimmer Switch
    Lock-On System

  • Hammer Drill 710W DX-1171

    Dimmer Switch
    Lock-On System

Hammer drill 710W 13 mm DX-1171

  • Includes all-copper armature and stator 710 W
  • Anti-wear gear which increases performance in various drilling
  • Dimmer switch to change speed
  • Lock-on system for consecutive drilling
  • Ergonomic design with lightweight and antiperspirant coating
  • Auxiliary handle with rubber cover and antiperspirant
  • 3 meter cable, German VDE standard
Danlex dx-1171 hammer drill 710w information

Hammer drill 710W – Description


If you want a strong hammer drill 710W, you should know that this 13 mm electric drill has a 710 W motor that can perform drilling operations in the best way. The hammer drill 710W 13mm can drill on 13 mm metal, 25 mm wood, and 16 mm concrete. 

Other features

The device is a lightweight hammer drill. This machine’s ergonomic design helps the user efficiently perform drilling operations. 

It uses a dimmer switch, in which the user can change the device’s speed between zero and 2800 RPM. This feature leads to the best performance of the machine in different drillings. 

To increase the work efficiency and lifetime of this device, the hammer drill 710W uses anti-wear gear which can have a good performance in heavy drilling.

This hammer drill has a forward/reverse rotation system which can be used to fasten different screws.

It should be noted that the chuck system of this device is of wrench type that bit drills up to 13 mm can be attached to it. This hammer drill has a cooling system to increase its performance and it helps to reduce the internal temperature of the device. The ball bearings used in this device are metal bearings with dust resistance which results in increasing the lifetime of the device.

Hammer drill 710W – Detailed Description


We’d like you to take a brief survey of Danlex-1171.


The corded drill has a 710 W motor power. The motor consists of all- copper armature and stator winding that is provided by coil winding machines under a European CE license which makes the device last longer. Resin or varnish are used in the winding of this device which prevents the raising of the temperature in this hammer drill. It also protects the motor against outer elements such as gravel.

Cooling system

There’s a cooling system in the internal structure of this power drill which consists of rotors and vents on the body of the device and causes the air to circulate in all parts of the motor. This increases the working efficiency of the hammer drill 710W in consecutive drilling.


Brush is considered one of the main parts of the hammer drill 710W and motor. Brush in this electric drill is of graphite type. An important feature of this brush is its softness which increases the lifetime of the armature.


In addition to the motor, the power actuator of the hammer drill 710W is an anti-wear gear. A high-quality alloy is used in the structure which increases the working efficiency of the device.


The calcium-sulfonate based grease of the hammer drill 710W 13mm is suitable for the gears and ball bearings of electric tools. These greases have a much better effect on mechanical components than lithium-based greases. As a result, the grease inside the device lasts longer.


The keyed chuck of this corded drill is of wrench type and it includes a 13 mm chuck size. The anti-wear gears and bullets used in the structure of the device increase the lifetime of the chuck which makes it one of the best electric drills available. 


This 13 mm  drill chuck is compatible with all drill bits such as granite bits, metal bits, and wood.

Hammer drill 710W Features

This hammer drill features include, Lock-on system and Dimmer switch, Forward/reverse rotation system, Cable.

Lock-on system and Dimmer switch

This Danlex hammer drill 710W has a dimmer switch which helps to increase or decrease the device’s speed so that the user can have a speed between zero to 2800 RPM. The inner part of the device’s switch consists of dust-proof plates which increases the key’s lifetime. There is also a locking system on the key which the user can use for long drillings by pressing the locking chassis.

Forward/reverse rotation system

The hammer drill 710W 13mm has a Forward/reverse rotation system for turning the screws which the user can easily open or close all types of screws.


The cable of the hammer drill 710W, is flexible and soft so that the user can maneuver better. The thread used in the wire structure of  this electric drill makes the cable strong and resistant to external elements. These characteristics have led this device to conform to the German VDE standards.


Inside the box is an auxiliary handle with an antiperspirant cover, a depth gauge ruler, a pair of spare brushes, and a wrench for keyed chuck.

Hammer drill 710W – Technical data










Chuck capacity


Drilling capacity in wood


Drilling capacity in steel


Drilling capacity in concrete


No-load speed

0-2800 RPM




a depth gauge ruler, a pair of spare brushes, a wrench, An auxiliary handle


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