Hammer Drill 13mm 750W DX-1275
  • Hammer Drill 750W DX-1275

    lightweight and ergonomic design
    a forward/reverse rotation system

  • Hammer Drill 750W DX-1275

    lightweight and ergonomic design
    a forward/reverse rotation system

Corded Hammer Drill 750w DX-1275

industrial all-copper armature and stator with a 750 W power

anti-wear gear to extend the lifetime of the device

dust-proof ball bearings

dimmer switch to control the speed of the device

lightweight and ergonomic design suitable for industrial drilling

high-quality grease to prevent wearing of mechanical parts

hammer system for drilling in concrete

a forward/reverse rotation system

a flexible and soft cable which conforms to German VDE standard

Hammer drill 750W DX-1275 – Description


In addition to drilling in wood, plastic, and metals, the hammer drill 750W can also drill in walls and pottery. The drill bits up to 13 mm can be attached to the 13 mm keyed chuck. The 750 W motor of this electric drill provides the user with a 2800 RPM speed.  A dimmer switch for controlling the device’s speed is another feature of the corded hammer drill 750W which allows the user to increase and decrease the speed and the rotation speed of the drill bit

Other features

The anti-wear gear of the hammer drill increases the machine’s working efficiency. This device is a lightweight electric drill which makes the user comfortable during the drilling operations, the ergonomic body design makes the working easy and the user won’t get tired. 

The body cover of this hammer drill is an antiperspirant cover that does not sweat the user’s hand during long-hour work. 

The dust-proof ball bearings of the 13 mm keyed drill increase the device’s lifetime. 

The forward/reverse rotation system in the hammer drill 750W also allows the electric drill to perform the screwing operation.The temperature cooling system of the power drill increases the working efficiency of the device. 

The 3-meter cable conforms to German VDE standard. Overall this electric drill  is a suitable device for drilling in metal up to 13 mm, wood up to 25 mm thickness and concrete up to 16 mm deep. 

Hammer drill 750W – Detailed Description


The following descriptions give you a brief survey of DX-1275.


Danlex keyed hammer drill has a 750W motor consisting of armature and stator with an all-copper structure. Fully automatic coil winding machines produce these parts under a European CE license. 

Polyester resin is used in the copper wire structure of the hammer drill 750W. This material protects the coil winding so when due too much working and pressure, the temperature rises, it prevents the heat transfer to other parts of the device.

Another function of this material is preventing damage to coil winding parts by outer particles such as gravel. The collector of this device uses the best alloys that prevent corrosion in the long term.


Brush is one of the essential parts of the device which is responsible for transforming current. The brush used in the hammer drill 750W is made of oil graphite which makes the machine work with the slightest spark. This feature increases the lifetime of the machine for an extended period.

Hammer drill 750W Cooling system

The corded hammer drill 750W uses the rotor and valves installed on its body to cool down its motor. Because of the suction of the rotor the air enters through the valves and evenly covers the motor part and it exists through the end rotos of the device. This feature extends the life of the machine.


The grease is responsible for lubricating the parts and reducing the friction between the mechanical parts. The grease used in the hammer drill 750W is of a calcium-based type which prevents corrosion of the gear and mechanical parts over a long period.

Hammer drill 750W Gearbox

The primary power actuator in the hammer drill 750W is gears and a pure quality alloy is used in the structure of these gears.

The thickness of the gears of this keyed hammer drill is 13 mm thicker than other brands, which makes the gear perform better in different drilling operations and have a longer life. 

Hammer drill 750W Body

The design of the body is one of the reasons that the users like this power tool. 

Ergonomic design

Another main feature that an electric drill must have is a lightweight and ergonomic design. This device’s body is designed so that the user can efficiently perform continuous drilling operations with the machine without getting his/her hand tired.

Hammer drill 750W Chuck

The corded hammer drill 750W has a keyed chuck system. Wall, granite, metal, and wood drill bits can be attached to this keyed chuck system. The chuck structure has anti-wear shots and gears which increases performance over a long period.


We have mentioned some of the features below. 


The corded hammer drill 750W is equipped with a 2.5 m cable which conforms to the German VDE standard. 


There is an auxiliary handle with an antiperspirant coating in the box of the corded hammer drill 750W which  prevents the user’s hand from sweating in successive holes. It also includes a depth gauge ruler as well as a ruler, a pair of brushes and a chuck wrench.

Hammer drill 750W – Technical data










Chuck capacity


Drilling capacity in wood


Drilling capacity in steel


Drilling capacity in concrete


Cable Length



a pair of spare brushes, An auxiliary handle


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